Spiritual Inquiry


“Spiritual beginners move in too many directions and lack the focus to sustain inner examinations. It is not a negative condition, but the process of opportunities to amplify commitment and discipline. For […]


Illusion of Privacy

“The concept of need for privacy is considered (at the societal level) to be an essential condition for the Human Being. Many countries implement legislation and laws that “guarantee” privacy for individuals, […]

It’s Not a Negotiation


“There is a distinction between personal spiritual pursuance and the common spiritual direction of the Human Species. The adventure originates with an individual, but the ascendance to the fundamental spiritual potential is […]

No Escape


“The patterns of energy (positive or negative) evolve through a repetitious process that, as a functional structure, is unalterable. Deterministic emotions construct Human desires and thoughts. The desires and thoughts may or […]

Control over what?


“The Human Being employs an immense amount of effort to establish command over her or his life environment. What is the individual seeking to control, exactly? What is accomplished through the fulfillment […]

William Lloyd (Author)

The only way to be noticed is to be talked about...


we are a hodgepodge literary magazine. we live in a saturated world, and we wallow in it with our material.

malleable art

popped bubblegum and jawbreakers: POETRY, SHORT FICTION AND OTHER GOOD IDEAS


Indian and Indian fusion cooking in America

Feed|the|feesh Michael Layao

Random Acts of Poetry


Random Observations of life

The Write Fuel

Bernadette blogs, discovers The Write Fuel.

the Book of Bokeh

Bokeh describes the character or "feel" of the out-of-focus areas in a photograph.

Art Quench Magazine

Quench Your Creative Thirst

UP!::urban po'E.Tree(s)

by po'E.T. and the colors of pi


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