Safe Haven


“Pandemic abuse Purposed Human suffering Tremulous existence Protecting ourselves Safe haven from each other Living irony Torment provenance Ex post facto energy Cause and consequence Inner work vision Impassioned Humanity Love interfusion” […]



“Fictive roads narrow For harvesting contentment Relentless searching Assumed privilege A spiritual nodus Incongruity Prime disclosures of Consequential axioms Duality law Happiness for one Diminished capacity Of scant perspective Happiness for all […]



“Prevailing intrudes Of accumulating doubts And pretentious lives Superficialness And failing Human empires Redundant patterns Paladins sought for Existence preservation Not for the timid Soul Warriors conceive Of Love continuity And Peace […]

Spiritual Fission


“Splitting the ego Noetic critical mass Duality fused Arrayed energies Spiritual fission coup Faultless surrender” The Irreducible Primary © Rob Taylor, 2011 Related Discussion:



 “Nullity friction Suspended development Self-inquiry debt Future obsessive Past moments inconsequence Now went passing by Imminent wisdom Rejuvenescence juncture Legitimacy Unfettered intent Transpicuous cognitions Love veneration” The Irreducible Primary © Rob Taylor, […]



“Life course decisions Infiltrating hidden depths Consciousness portals Circumventing Time Consequential immersion Sempiternity Awakened selfhood Fringes of reality Delusions dispelled Thousand-year journey Contained within a moment The span of a breath” The […]

Magic Cups Game


“Conflicted purpose Society dilemma Confrontational Coercing conduct Free thinking abnegation Stealth hypocrisy Tedious debates Peace intent tokenism The magic cups game “God” supported wars Kill only in the name of Blessed life […]

Secondhand Thoughts for the First Thinkers

Poetic Wonders by Timothy Tan Jia Jun

The Ninth Life

Yesterday I Was, Today I Am, and Tomorrow I Shall Be...


Observations, Thoughts and Reflections on 21st Century Life

Dear You

Love letters

A precariously critical, humorous take on life’s interactions with food and drink!

Letters For Breakfast

All pervading is the Great Tao! It may be found on the left hand and on the right.

The Raven's Nest

ART - Aesthete and other fallacies

The Learning Curve

One Step at a Time


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