Déjà vu


“Déjà vu encounter Experiential replay? Passé is barren ground Quixotic ex post facto Inferred past interludes linger Or a future awaits? Perspective epiphany pulsates Déjà vu categorical misnomer Causal nexus Gordian knot […]



“Contradiction rules Archaic faces assume Social malignancy The global caste system Anticipating outcomes Self-induced phenomena Spirituality fabricated Breathe Inner wellspring awaits Pretenders prohibited by default Nothing personal Cosmic laws and such Consciousness […]

Seller’s Market


“Laws of attraction Mere cause and effect Leveraging semantics Good sales job Religious dogma Epistemic relativism 5 billion takers Good sales job Political persuasions Power to the party Guarantees to fix…..everything Good […]



“Inherent Human Obscured into motionless Inverted synthesis A mastery unfathomed One force, a paradigm shift Under-imagined Purpose of presence Collective introspective Sacred critical mass Be Humanity Perseverance to achieve Hunger for greatness […]



“Mute solicitude Collective Soul sentience Rare self-imagery Lofty enigmas Savvy souls intricately navigating Privileged by Love Dimensional depth Spiritual symmetry Ascetic clarity A yearning desire Omnipotent passion consummated Reconstructing the “I” The […]

Stillness and Storms


“Restless ambiance Antithetical energy stream Fugitive ruminations Self-centered guise Subordination to antipathy Chaos perfect storm A disregard for life Fracturing the connectivity Reduction to absurdity Gather the pieces Imminent reality Into Oneness […]

As If


“Convince the masses so Freedom guaranteed to all Trade commodity Decrees are spoken Sleight of hand, political spin Your vote counts, as if Confuse to conquer Complacency displaces discretion Better than despair […]

Get a Gun


“The global model Semi-automatic rifles Any gun will do Enlightened by 7.62 Humanity pulse weakens Empty consciousness Embrace the moment Adult worthiness declines Communal virus spreading Children lock and load But no […]



“Extremists relentless Self-proclaimed executioners They love for nothing Failed narcissists, arrogance Humanity disconnect Delusional farce Human Species unique A quintessential capacity The slumbering giant Evolving potential The force of Love veracity Mediocrity […]



“Passive perceiver Self-examination, disarray Confined universe Macro-cosmic, dark matter A unique acquired taste, you see Oneness recipe Ripples infinite Peremptory preludes, each moment Extra baggage charges apply Oppressive confinement The prisons are […]

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