Illusion of Privacy

“The concept of need for privacy is considered (at the societal level) to be an essential condition for the Human Being. Many countries implement legislation and laws that “guarantee” privacy for individuals, […]

It’s Not a Negotiation


“There is a distinction between personal spiritual pursuance and the common spiritual direction of the Human Species. The adventure originates with an individual, but the ascendance to the fundamental spiritual potential is […]

No Escape


“The patterns of energy (positive or negative) evolve through a repetitious process that, as a functional structure, is unalterable. Deterministic emotions construct Human desires and thoughts. The desires and thoughts may or […]

Control over what?


“The Human Being employs an immense amount of effort to establish command over her or his life environment. What is the individual seeking control, exactly? What is accomplished through the fulfillment of […]

Just Answer the Question


“Is spirituality compatible with a logical mind? Why is spirituality needed? What conclusive argument has been presented that demonstrates the necessity for the Human Species to conduct relationships differently than the status […]



“The Human Being cannot detach herself or himself from the connective energy that ripples through the Human Species. The Human Species does not have the option to disconnect from the mutual responsibility […]

Trying Out Life


My seven year old daughter, Hadassah, has caught basketball fever. The photos are her first score playing on the “real basket”, as Hadassah calls it. This does not mean Hadassah is evolving […]

The Secret Life of Sahara

My poetry, thoughts, and other stuff striving to get out and live its own life.

SAKing Photography

People, places & things.

Gallery of God

An Overture to Heaven

D. Marie Prokop- Days of the Guardian

Sometimes you need a rescue.

Stepping out of pain

Stepping out of pain is a site dedicated to helping you step out of pain, and into a new brighter life...and a little bit about my home in Western Australia

Life Is a Damn Circus

...And We Are The Circus Acts

Rena Starska - Barwne westchnienia

~ Świat mojej poezji... ~ COPYRIGHT © Rena Starska ~


sucking out the marrow...

The Pink Diary

The usual incidents.......but in an unusual scenario


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