“Seashore scintillates Quiescent waves thundering Soul exultation Wind induced ripples Gathering Humanity Oneness absolute Discordance renounced Imprisoned minds synchronize Origins of Truth” The Irreducible Primary © Rob Taylor, 2011



“Motion is measured Gradations of magnitude Causal energy Coveted outcomes Trivial or momentous Greed or gratitude Inner expansion Luminous sovereignty Releasing the Love Motion is measured Degrees of commitment Moment to moment” […]

Inner Journey


“Light anomaly Spiritual encounter Inner astoundment Self-directed quest Intent sans interruption Inner refinement Ego driven prompts Perseverance hindrances Inner misdirect Penetrating doubts Unknowingness imposters Inner confusion Consciousness aligned Deep awareness unbounded Inner […]



“Being is Oneness Essentia of movement Creation instigates Infinite odeum Tragicomic masquerade Unity friction Being is Oneness Legitimate existence Knowing the unknown Life a deception Faux realities collide Disinformation Being is Oneness […]



“Fluid harmonics Waves thundering on shoreline No contradictions Ageless laws revel Vibrational energies Eyes closed, merging Sacred spaces urge Inner structure galaxies Essential visions Deep waters journey Impassioned intensity Transcending pretense Programmed […]



“Dictated ethos Society inflicted contempt Hypocritical basis Incensed eruptions Whimsical insolence Cult-like diatribes Dogmatic egos Mass-producing deities Seducing the masses 2,870 god choices Limited one per household Religions emerge All gods are […]



“Abstractions called Time Boundless narratives concert Mindfulness mayhem The span of a breath Cosmic dialog rendezvous Infinite content “Be in the moment” Inner journey ambition Conceptual pretense Awareness challenge Evasive influences embraced […]

Dimensional Drifts


“Eclipse doubt imprinting Élan vital sans second guessing Delicate dances Evading mortality M-theory boundlessness Dimensional drifts Realism cortex Counterfeit hypotheses Falseness mimics Truth Enlightened vision Experient praecognita Causative expansion Existence spectrum Sensory […]



“Inner essence veiled Delighting in irrelevancy Creating mirages Voracity devours Tainted purity surges Earthly imperatives Awareness moment Covet consciousness exactitude A perceptual nexus Enlightenment awe Exploring distant shores of bodhi Soulful imperatives […]

Free Yourself


“Insight premeditated Esoteric enigmas unveiled Mindful awareness reality Not on voting day Ballots cast, expressed emotion Political party tactical maneuver Avoid the specifics, non-committal Best spinners determine winners World Peace banalities Credo […]

Fiction Limbo

"The fiction Limbo of a writing lunatic"

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The Hurt Healer

Inspiration to live your life as the person you were meant to be.


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Think upon your thoughts and it will take you higher

Leonard Durso

"Literature is language charged with meaning." Ezra Pound

pieces of me

Memoirs of a Past Life Tourist

surprise saffron

relishing in life's surprises, delighting in food, travel, art

Ramona Crisstea

I dream of painting and then I paint my dream

The Whispering Pen

Sharing my experiences one haiku at a time.


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