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“Meaningless conquests Hyperbolic self-regard Balance disruption Hollowness prelude Singular mentality Futile pursuance Pandemic symptoms Destructive mendacity Fracturing freedom Conflict or repose Human Species causatum Primordial Law Inner Potential Humanity insurgents Sentinels of […]

Course Correction


“Vibration rhythms Contextual energy Light speed connection Turmoil encountered Inner Self confrontations Timeless dialog Intuitive shifts Life exodus tapestry Deciphered warnings Lesser ego solved Contra emotions exposed Course correction” The Irreducible Primary […]



“Inducing chaos Lesser evolved Consciousness Nullifying minds Causal laws precise No random scenarios Amnesty denied Providence IQ Sensations realignment Thought flow composure Creative thinkers Light mastery paradigm Wise souls unified Influence fusion […]



“Self-discovery Five senses inadequate Obscured perspectives Abstract pondering Volitional Consciousness Nosce te Ipsum Inner Enigma Layers of identities Shedding ancient skins Sculpting destiny Creative energy mode Rules of Thought applied Mindfulness remix […]



“Spiritual rift Limited evolution Banality fringe Path of illusions Superficial lives Compulsive dimness Thought force mastery Anchored equilibrium Inner expansion Life work synopsis Obligation intersect Soul-based networking Liberated mind Hero opportunity Strive […]



“Divide the masses Imprisonment by borders Call it protection Culture creation Selective education Engineered bias Mandatory rule Propaganda mantra Deception campaigns Fictional freedom Coerced allegiance blueprint Repressed populace Fear merchants precept Chaos […]

Four Pillars


“Creating Force sway Energy flow genesis Structure prime mover Nature Dimensions Ripple effect dominion Peace embodiment Human Causation Free will immaturity Journey for purpose Love waits patiently” The Irreducible Primary © Rob […]

Thought and Word

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“Pseudo-words spoken Emotions subtle disguise Sincerity mask Thought disharmony Maladjusted communion Erratic impact Thought and word discord Intolerable vagueness Defective intent Quiescent power Human Soul undiscovered Nature innervates” The Irreducible Primary © […]



“Exigent desire Sovereignty convention Confluence of souls Chaos sedation Human juxtaposition Unique potency Merged Love causatum Collateral providence Infinite purpose” The Irreducible Primary © Rob Taylor, 2011

Stay Young Tips

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From Midnight to Dawnlight

From Midnight to Dawnlight by Anne Theodore

The Irreducible Primary

Nature, Spirituality, and the Human Condition


Influencing Empathy & Compassionate Understanding of Shared Spirit


- Bringing Words to Life

The Lavender Letters

Deepest thoughts retold from dreams

Melissa I. Hassard

Writer. Publisher. Speaker. Poet.

E.K. Williams

photographs, poems, stories, and other pressing matters


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