“Abstractions called Time Boundless narratives concert Mindfulness mayhem The span of a breath Cosmic dialog rendezvous Infinite content “Be in the moment” Inner journey ambition Conceptual pretense Awareness challenge Evasive influences embraced […]

Dimensional Drifts


“Eclipse doubt imprinting Élan vital sans second guessing Delicate dances Evading mortality M-theory boundlessness Dimensional drifts Realism cortex Counterfeit hypotheses Falseness mimics Truth Enlightened vision Experient praecognita Causative expansion Existence spectrum Sensory […]



“Inner essence veiled Delighting in irrelevancy Creating mirages Voracity devours Tainted purity surges Earthly imperatives Awareness moment Covet consciousness exactitude A perceptual nexus Enlightenment awe Exploring distant shores of bodhi Soulful imperatives […]

Free Yourself


“Insight premeditated Esoteric enigmas unveiled Mindful awareness reality Not on voting day Ballots cast, expressed emotion Political party tactical maneuver Avoid the specifics, non-committal Best spinners determine winners World Peace banalities Credo […]

Déjà vu


“Déjà vu encounter Experiential replay? Passé is barren ground Quixotic ex post facto Inferred past interludes linger Or a future awaits? Perspective epiphany pulsates Déjà vu categorical misnomer Causal nexus Gordian knot […]



“Contradiction rules Archaic faces assume Social malignancy The global caste system Anticipating outcomes Self-induced phenomena Spirituality fabricated Breathe Inner wellspring awaits Pretenders prohibited by default Nothing personal Cosmic laws and such Consciousness […]

Seller’s Market


“Laws of attraction Mere cause and effect Leveraging semantics Good sales job Religious dogma Epistemic relativism 5 billion takers Good sales job Political persuasions Power to the party Guarantees to fix…..everything Good […]



“Inherent Human Obscured into motionless Inverted synthesis A mastery unfathomed One force, a paradigm shift Under-imagined Purpose of presence Collective introspective Sacred critical mass Be Humanity Perseverance to achieve Hunger for greatness […]



“Mute solicitude Collective Soul sentience Rare self-imagery Lofty enigmas Savvy souls intricately navigating Privileged by Love Dimensional depth Spiritual symmetry Ascetic clarity A yearning desire Omnipotent passion consummated Reconstructing the “I” The […]

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