The Illusory Mind

We candidly attribute Paucities to others Observed as opposite Our personal norms Of comfort zones staked As no trespassing turf We spare no rhetoric Or denunciation against Professed indecency But we’re lost […]


Burdens of emptiness Prowl through lapses In my thoughts Momentary splits Which rip me from the Vastness I chase Confederates are few On this sojourn and I Hesitate with my trust But […]


Souls know no fear Tending seeds of Light Distant from their lesser egos Yet, surveying the peripheral Vista with curiosity and Shrewd anticipation of The ineluctable moment When desire gives birth to […]

Calm Waters

Impassioned by Autogenic episodes Of Human adversity I probe monadic Truths shrouded in Higher Mystery Sporadic overtures to Presumptive epiphanies which Disclose the Great Purpose I awaken on the Shore of calm […]


Our Humanness constricts When confronted with priorities Of material success Every conquest is a Repeated cycle of evanescent Happiness soon to perish As does the hope of Peace For the defrauded masses […]


Words and Photographs

Mystic Land

Let's mend the broken

Oblivious Life

Searching for Motivation

Manić Teodora

Jer ono u šta ljudi poveruju, to će vremenom i postati.❤ Because in what people belive, that's who they will become as the time passes by. ❤


"I know we will all be stories someday..."