A Vague Life


Of what do I seek? My inward dweller is Under siege by Imprudent hypotheses Designed to invalidate My immortality and Cage my consciousness With contrived introspects To disparage dignity Until I renounce […]



Ancient ways speak Of future times, never Closer than a moment Elusive as the Mirage which beckons Me with treasure But my idleness Hinders entry to The denary existence Now I take […]



Burdens of emptiness Prowl through lapses In my thoughts Momentary splits Which rip me from the Vastness I chase Confederates are few On this sojourn and I Hesitate with my trust But […]



Sycophant leaders promise Peace by dint of pretense A truth search impasse Huddled aides parlay Negotiating lives and turf In gain-loss bartering Political charades conjure Deniability, but trust Quiets to hopelessness Deceptions […]



Souls know no fear Tending seeds of Light Distant from their lesser egos Yet, surveying the peripheral Vista with curiosity and Shrewd anticipation of The ineluctable moment When desire gives birth to […]



A Cosmic ultimatum Rides the breeze Silent Tempest simmers Quantum influences Steadily emerging to Liberate the land Rains are not yet falling But beware waters deep Or claim diminished capacity Spurn the […]

The Aspirant


I am illuded by Discrepant renderings Of rational conducts Resistance to my Primal senses tempt The boundaries of wastelands Where autochthonous Vibrations are concealed and I risk forfeit of my Soul But, […]

Deep Waters


Liberation is found Through compulsory tumults That forge patience Mathematical lines Are devoid of conclusions Beyond relativity Pointless to my inner Dialogues conceived in drifts To deep waters Momentary ideations Effloresce into […]

Calm Waters


Impassioned by Autogenic episodes Of Human adversity I probe monadic Truths shrouded in Higher Mystery Sporadic overtures to Presumptive epiphanies which Disclose the Great Purpose I awaken on the Shore of calm […]



Souls exist as One An enigmatic complexity For nescient free agents Who deny compassion And disassociate from Human Consciousness Their solitariness a scant Deceit engendered by Time and space restraints Love suffers […]

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"Diving into a writers soul is discovering the broken treasure and beautiful mysteries that make you gasp for air."

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In the fell clutch of circumstance I have not winced nor cried aloud. Under the bludgeoning of chance my head is bloody, but unbowed. - William Ernest Henley

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