Inner Work


“Perpetrating wars, violent acts, or hate and justifying those actions on the basis of religious beliefs, then associating such behaviors with the entity we call God is not indicative of any level of understanding of the Creating Force. These activities and attitudes are in direct conflict with the balance of Creation and give rise to the expansion of the chaos so prevalent in our day—to—day interactions.

The audacity of government and religious leadership is most blatant in the effort they invest in convincing people that the Creating Force has an opinion supportive of their positions and initiatives. It is time to dispel this myth. The Creating Force does not have an opinion. The Creating Force does not favor any aspect of Creation over another.  The Creating Force has no capacity for the conditionality that favoritism requires.”

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor, 2011

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  1. Like you said, the Creative Force is a force, not a flesh and blood entity. If you want violent flesh and blood entities, read the Bible. Problem is: the god of the Bible is not the Creative Force.


    • The reference is to the Creating Force, not your usage, Creative Force. They are fundamentally dissimilar. The bible is not a valid source of spiritual discernment or teaching.


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