Inner Work


“Chaotic influences, towards each other and Nature, completely alter the conditions and the path by which our life (and Creation) progresses. There is no hell and no punishment. There is only the law of cause and effect. Without the transformation of the egoistic domination of the self, the Human Species is simply imprisoned by the cause and effect structure of Nature (or Secondary Governance).

Within the cause and effect structure of the Creating Force (Primary Governance), the interaction evolves quite differently. This interaction is focused strictly on the singular, unmediated dialog between the individual and the Creating Force. The singular dialog is a consciously engaged internal dialog through which the Human Being expresses a desire to be directly influenced by the Creating Force. The influence received from the Creating Force generates, within the Human Being, a capacity to influence that transcends the limitations egoistic determinations and self-centeredness.”

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor, 2011

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