“The Human Species is a force integrated so completely that any necessity for contrived Geo-political governance or religious rule is simply nonsense. Such institutions are merely visible aspects of the chaos that permeates our global society at the level of thought. In the absence of a prodigious change in direction the pursuit of a peaceful existence will continue to fall victim to these narcissistic attitudes.  We do not attain any measure of peace, or even unifying conditions, through intervention or participation of government and religion. How we should evolve (as a species) is a process of cause and effect interactions that exist outside of, and in complete opposition to, the attempted controls of such institutions. Obsolescence is the only possible outcome for the institutions that claim oversight of Nature and the Human Species. The proof of this is manifesting in real-time through war, conflict, failure of economic principles, and mitigating interactions from Nature. The gradual obsolescence we are observing is precisely the condition that will evolve the Human Species to its highest potential: the absolute, unconditional alignment with the direct governance from the Creating Force. This is called Peace.”

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor, 2011

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  1. You just drop this dope knowledge so smoothly on this little blog site …I just want to read this stuff to the masses, put it on bill boards and yell haven’t you seen the movie Avatar people! lol …Im sure you would have something serene and wise to say about that approach though 🙂


    Thank you


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