The actualization of the force of unconditional love is the revealed connection within Humanity. The Creating Force influences our capacity to attain that level of interaction. The Human Species is the conduit for the flow of unconditional love that impacts the forces of Nature, meaning the entirety of Creation. Without the Human Species, unconditional love does not happen. The “influence” is the realization and sensation of the presence of the Creating Force within and around us. The intensity of the influence and our capacity to share it is directly proportional to the degrees of individual egoistic transcendence. Our awareness, the sensation of the “fiber optic” by which we are bound to each other, is clarified through this process.”

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor, 2011

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  1. It seems as though this growing desire to evolve towards a harmonious and peaceful existence becomes more perceptible as we clarify how we relate at any given moment. The moments when we recognize that we cause harm to others by how we choose to relate to them certainly give rise to a strong desire to interact differently. No matter what we are fed by the media, governments, and even family and friends, we don’t need to accept the conditioning that shapes the perceptions that lead to the belief that our current mode of interacting is normal or natural.

    If the willingness to have self-centered conditions met is paired with an unwillingness to be aware of how our thoughts and actions are causing (instigating or perpetuating) harmful effects that impact others and ourselves, then we will continually be unaware of how we interact, and thereby miss the opportunity to recognize and grow this other desire to evolve and interact differently. Frustration, anger, anxiety, etc., seem to be responses that arise when personal conditions are not met. I have to recognize these triggers within me and not feel entitled to pass them along…I have to go beyond my particular conditioning, and beyond my perception that I need to have my conditions met. The question arises: what is unconditional?

    I wrote a poem a while back and wanted to share it:

    I don’t want to exist as a jealous, angry, or fearful person.
    In this way it is not possible to connect to others, to nature, to life.
    I have more to offer, I have more to understand about myself.
    I am not my emotions, or my circumstances.
    If I was, I would not recognize this other desire that wells up in me to be something different.
    Conditioning, norms, rules: they will not bury me, they will not distance me.
    Unless I allow it.
    I have a part, I have a role, I have a choice to demand more.
    I want to know, to feel, to experience all that is hidden.
    The time has come, the time is now.
    It is always now.


    • The realization of our contribution to the chaos is a defining moment. We begin to examine ourselves accordingly, spawning a “new” desire to bring balance to the chaos. We have to change how we’re being influenced and the choices we make in how we are influencing. Every individual has the responsibility to restructure the forms of influence.

      Your poem carries impact….


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