Inner Work


“There are two aspects to “reality”. There is the reality of governance by the forces of Nature and the reality of the particular relationship with the Creating Force. Ultimately, the two realities merge into one. Either way, we are responsible for how we evolve. Each individual clarifies the absolute reality for themselves. The clarified reality means that one exists within the degrees of dimensions that contain absolute Truth. Existence within the dimensions of Truth clears the “noise” between us and we begin to repair the “fiber optic” that connects us. This is called merging into a collective force, i.e. Humanity.”

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor, 201

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  1. Interesting to meet someone who is not much much younger than me. Thanks for liking “Idyllwild”. Your blogs are interesting. What do you think of the term “Natural Law”? Would you say you discuss natural law at all?


    • The terminology is interesting. “Natural”, implies non-fabricated, and “Law” suggests governance. As such, “Natural Law” is a Force that governs impartially through a process of cause and effect interactions. Two structures of governance are available to the Human Species. First, the “Natural Laws” of the cause and effect structure called Nature. The purpose of the laws of Nature are to maintain balance within Creation. However, since the Human Species is the only existent threat to the balance of Creation, all laws of Nature are specific to the Human Species. Meaning, when chaos (Cause) is projected into and threatens the connecting flow of energy that binds Creation, the laws of Nature (Effect) will activate to mitigate the source of the chaos.

      The second (or Primary) form of governance is manifested through direct alignment with the Creating Force. In this structure, “Natural Law” is the process of aligning (Cause) with and receiving (Effect) the influence of the Creating Force. These degrees of evolution are only possible through the transcendence of egoistic domination. A desire for the influence of the Creating Force must be present in the individual. Clearly, this is a larger discussion. Only the Human Being can exercise a conscious choice to align with the Creating Force, and then act on that choice.


      • Yes exactly. I see natural law as a kind of rubber band, you can pull on it and pull on it, and eventually it snaps back in your face. It is not malicious, we can only blame ourselves. We can simply learn our lesson, or better, appeal to the divine.


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