Cause and Effect


“The causal phenomena, chaos or unconditional love, that impact the flow of energy within our connecting ‘fiber optic” occur in orders of magnitude and relativity. Magnitude quantifies the intensity of movement (hate, love, anger, compassion) within Creation. Relativity distinguishes the dynamics of interaction: Human—to—Human, Human—to—Nature, Humanity—to—Creating Force. Advancing through the sensations or degrees of Truth reveals that all structures of interaction are united and manifest as the infinite force of a Singular Whole.”

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor, 2011

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  1. In Chinese Medicine, to cure a illness is only finding out the cause, and nail it. It is about preparing for the curing process by strengthen some of the body parts, then curing the cause, and to ease the damage done to parts of the body. That is, everything inside our body is related to each other, and we cannot just to fix one and ignore others.


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