Inner Work

Inner Aspects

“Moment to moment inner work is a process by which an individual develops the acute awareness of how she or he is influencing all of Creation, in real-time. To the extent that an individual acquires the influence of the Creating Force, she or he becomes the vital link in establishing balance within Nature. Meaning, each individual transcends their egoistic dominance and becomes an activated source of unconditional love. The Human Species is the only aspect of Creation that can fulfill this role. Through this deeper alignment with the Creating Force, the individual prevails over the inner chaos. He or she elevates to a diametric dimension of existence and is completely conscious of that fact.”

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor, 2011

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  1. Alright, a couple of things. I’m trying to understand what this “ego” is and I started reading Freud’s The Id and the Ego and it’s just baffling me. Is there any explanation you might offer a “layperson” that might help understand? And then also, great post. Love it ;0) Thanks for writing it.


    • Interesting question. The acceptance of a few schools of thought (Freud, Jung, etc) have imprisoned our though process. Psychological/Psychiatric theories proposed on issues such as ego, subconscious, Id….are just that…theory. Drawing a thing does not constitute proof of a thing….only the idea of it. Further, such theories are only relative to the constructs of Nature. They are meaningless from a spiritual perspective. Which brings us back to your question. Ego, in a spiritual context, refers to that aspect of myself that drives me towards a self-centered existence. As such, an individual sees herself or himself as separate from others, or any other part of Nature. We are then blinded to how our thoughts, desires, and actions impact the flow of energy that connects and influences all of Creation. So, that is a brief response to what is a very layered and dynamic discussion. Again, great question.


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