Cause and Effect

Formation of Thought

“Spiritual effort begins with the formation of a thought. The Human Species transcends all other aspects of Creation with two distinct capabilities: (1) The Human thought process can conceptualize without limitation and do so in complete awareness that it is doing so. (2) The Human Being is capable of formulating a thought and has the capacity, in a particular circumstance, to determine the content or substance of the thoughts being formulated. At the point of recognition that each of us owns a distinct responsibility in relation to the entirety of Creation, we begin to examine ourselves with increased depth. If every Human thought is an impacting force relative to Creation, we are tasked with examining our individual thoughts in order to determine the manner in which we do impact Creation. We must engage a relentless effort through which we recognize the substance of our thoughts in every moment we exist.”

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor, 2011

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