“An individual or society cannot claim “love” for the Creating Force or God (or whatever name moves a person), unless the desire for unconditional love is existent and pursued in all Human—to—Human  and Human—to—Nature relationships. The root of all hypocrisy is to profess love for the Creating Force while simultaneously denying love for any other aspect of Creation.  Only a Human Being would try to justify such conduct.”

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor, 2011


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  1. lol this is actually profoundly funny and shameful at how often even I have proclaimed to unconditionally love some”one” …. I Just realized I responded to this in july and I can see my growth in the difference this perspective had on me back in July compared to today! Thank you


  2. You are of the chain! You have just elevated me to an entire other level, in less then 10 minutes…which speaks volumes for the power of your words…and is evidence, mind blowing and reassuring that my sheer appreciation for your in-depth perspective is “the process” in action. Currently, enthusiastically contemplating the seeds you have just planted for me!

    Thank you for your truth wisdom, I am grateful to have crossed paths with you on my journey!.


    • It is good interact with you, also. But remember, I’m just a guy with an evolving perspective. I’m not a teacher, but I’m willing to share perspectives, questions, thoughts, etc.

      You are a deep thinker with a capacity to understand that which you seek. Yet, there is a difference in understanding a thing and existing within a thing. We don’t understand spirituality…..we pursue the force of spirituality. Ultimately, we begin to experience and exist within the progressive degrees of Truth. We operate to a new set of rules that have no limitations.

      Don’t stop seeking….


      • Indeed! I am just grateful to receive information that resinates within me. I sincerely appreciate your encouragement on my journey, thank you!

        Something I struggle with is the difference between teaching and perspective sharing, can you explain?

        Yes that makes sense…we do not “understand”, we seek spiritually as an eternal process!

        Thank you


        • Spirituality cannot be taught….only discovered. People who claim they can teach others to achieve spiritual or degrees are one or a combination of being confused, self-delusional, misinformed, or completely do not understand spiritual reality. An individual can read 10,000 books, attend 1,000 workshops, meditate for 20 years without gaining any understanding of spiritual degrees….called Truth. None of those approaches will deliver anyone to a spiritual existence.

          Perspectives, on the other hand, allow information to be shared. Those seeking a spiritual path are free to prove or disprove those perspectives based on her or his own efforts. Without the effort proving or disproving anything will be predictably difficult.


  3. would you say then that unconditional love is the pure state of love? -seeing it as an innate force that’s the source of all creation- and unconditional meaning, one letting it be, exist, manifest without the layers we (individuals) and society have put in it?…how would you express, define or put in words unconditional love?… Bless!


    • Powerful considerations….Thank you.

      Unconditional love is not the source of Creation. It is the force that will bring Creation to a state of absolute Peace.

      We enter Human—to—Human relationships with an expectation that certain conditions will be satisfied within those relationships. Meaning, due to multifaceted desires for self-centered pleasure, all “love” is conditional. Unless we emerge from the confines of egoistic influences, we have no capacity for any other form of love. Our perception of “love” is reduced to expressions and characterizations, by which we attempt to validate and qualify the emotional and physical attractions that develop between us.

      Unconditional love cannot exist where sub-plots are present. Our egoistic dominance relegates unconditional love to a potential reality. Actualization will manifest only through our spiritual efforts. True spirituality is a dynamic process where our concern for self is transformed into a desire to participate in elevating the Human Species to its highest potential. The exploration of this concept is a very extended discussion that examines the purpose of the Human Species relative to Creation.


    • Yes, and each of us must address this individually…..then we will have the capacity to do so collectively. A balanced whole is not possible without the pieces of the whole being balanced first.


      • Makes perfect sense to me. It is a shame though that so many people continue to be blind to what is really going on and it brings about that idea of leading the horse to the water. Even if you explain it, you cannot force someone to accept it. Too many people are still so misled into believing that these concepts are all “hogwash.” It’s unfortunate and I hope we can start to see great change sooner rather than later.


        • You make a good observation. The only way this process becomes Truth is by existing in and moving through the degrees of our inner structure. No one can explain this to another, regardless of how spiritually advanced she or he might be. An individual who is, in fact, spiritually advanced will not try to explain these experiences or even teach them. He or she will simply provide in depth perspective that become seeds for contemplation. The rest depends on the individual.


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