Cause and Effect


“All disturbances have their origin in the self-centered attitude of the Human Species. The Human Being interprets the responses from Nature as forms of “punishment”. This is an incorrect perception. The force of Nature is the law of cause and effect. When the balance within Creation is threatened, the only possible outcome is a mitigating action by the forces of Nature.

It is not a random occurrence that the forces of Nature will respond to the source of chaos, but the actual form of the response is entirely random. The presence of chaos is observed through the effects (responses from Nature) that are visible to the individual. In other words, we only see the results of the chaos and not the actual formation. The formation of chaos is determined by the inner state of the individual. Consequently, the Human Species triggers and experiences the responses from the forces of Nature, in whatever manner those responses are actualized.”

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor, 2011

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