Being Human


“At present, our egoistic posturing attempts to place Nature in a role of subservience to Humanity, i.e., our attitude is that Nature exists for the pleasure of the Human Species. We engage in a never-ending process of devising ways to control or dominate Nature to fulfill aspirations for wealth, scientific discovery, exploration, and even killing (animals, plants, marine life, etc) simply for pleasure or profit. Instead of accepting our responsibility to Nature (all of Creation), we have become the enemy of and destructive force within Nature.

Humans treat each other with comparable disregard. We have enslaved each other throughout our existence and continue to do so at many levels. Our relationships are based on the perceived (and desired) self-pleasures that we can derive from those relationships. Human—to—Human interactions are highly complex, whether relating to the microcosm of marriage or  friendships; or the  macrocosm of government—to—government interactions or the religious domination of societies. The entire spectrum of Human—to—Human connectivity, as with Human—to—Nature, has been prostituted by our self-centered exploitations related to our passion for what we each, individually, distinguish as pleasure.”

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor, 2011

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  1. This is something I catch myself in all the time, but my most pleasure filled and meaningful moments have come when I’ve dropped the control and simply interacted in the moment with another human being! So beautifully said. Thank you.


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