“An individual does not simply declare that she or he loves unconditionally. An individual does not “do” unconditional love. Unconditional love is not an emotional experience, nor is unconditional love a quality that can be expressed through words or any other physical action. Unconditional love is a force of influence; a form of energy so intense that any opposing forces (hate, anger, violence, etc) are powerless against it. All Human Beings  have equal capacity to become this force of influence. The Human Species exists precisely for this purpose. When the Human Species ascends as the unified source of unconditional love, Creation will awaken to a new dimension of existence.”

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor, 2011

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  1. This was transformative for my soul…taking a minute to process. Wondering… If we are all created to operate at equal levels of influence … how does that work, wouldn’t we cancel out each others influence?


    • Good thoughts. We do not cancel each other. We merge into a force that redefines the balance within Creation. We are each an aspect of the Whole….the Whole is not complete until we transcend our opposition to each other.


      • This is beautiful, “When the Human Species ascends as the unified source of unconditional love, Creation will awaken to a new dimension of existence.”… But this also hurts my heart, feeling like we are so divided that it is hopeless to believe we will “transcend our opposition” in my life time, or even my daughters. It also leaves me feeling frustrated, in wanting to elevate myself, but knowing that I will not reach my highest potential unless we all reach our highest potential, since we are one.


        • An individual can only focus on what she or he is responsible to deliver. Those who are actually working through spiritual degrees do not announce their accomplishments. So, we really can’t know the inner structure of another. Each degree of spiritual attainment by individuals is merged into an influencing force felt by the rest of the Human Species. The more intense that force becomes, the more others will awaken to a desire for transcending to a higher awareness. There is not a time limit in this process…..we are infinite. We simply don’t understand the dimensional conditions of our existence.


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