Being Human


“The Human Being faces immense self-contradiction when observing or participating in any form of harm directed against Humanity or Nature. It is subtle initially, a nagging sense of the wrongness of the destructive thoughts, desires, or actions that are observed. In this very rudimentary stage, an individual does not yet grasp the sensation of Oneness that is driving the perceived contradiction.

The more spiritually advanced an individual becomes, the greater the sensation of the flow of energy that binds the Human Species. As the alignment with the Creating Force becomes more intense, the individual acquires the progressively elevated awareness of his or her existence within, and capacity to influence, the Singular Whole…..called Creation. This journey through the degrees of clarity and Truth delivers the individual to acute lucidity: the anger and hate projected into Creation is spiritual suicide for the Human Species.”

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor, 2011

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