Cause and Effect

Cause and Consequence


“If an individual had clarity in relation to her or his potential influencing power, there would be no hesitation in pursuing the spiritual dimensions. Such clarity remains veiled until the individual begins to recognize her or his own opposition to the balance of Creation. The Human Being is quickly given to judging and blaming other individuals, or groups, for the consequences of the chaos that permeate Human—to—Human and Human—to—Nature interactions. One need not observe beyond the self. Every degree of disorder that flows through Creation is conceived within the inner structure of the individual.”

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor, 2011


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  1. This post corresponds to some thoughts that I have had lately. When circumstances and people bother me, I have to first repent of the meanness and evil that I notice inside me, regarding those challenges. Since I have surrendered to Christ and his Love, the evil within me hurts more than the evil outside. I realize that as long as love does not abound in me, I cannot afford to judge others and expect things around me to straighten out. Somewhere inside I know that the answer to all my problems is always a higher degree of closeness to my Creator and Lord.


  2. So does this boil down to a matter of accountability and if so how doses it apply to situations such as rape or abuse or even with children who’s chaos may be contributed to their parents?


    • Yes, accountability, but this issue requires some clarity. Who is accountable to whom, or what? (1) We are accountable to each other for the forms of influence we project into the flow of energy that connects all Human Beings. (2) In the absence of spiritual alignment we are accountable to the laws of Nature. The laws of Nature exist to mitigate any threat to the balance of Creation. The only threat to the balance of Creation is the Human Species, i.e. the Human Species is the source of all chaos. Therefore, the laws of Nature are specific to the Human Being. As long as we persist in an adversarial relationship (the cause) with Creation the laws of Nature will converge with a response (effect). (3) In the presence of spiritual alignment, we are accountable for spreading the influence we seek. Meaning, the spiritual path evolves through a desire to be influence by the Creating Force. As that influence is imparted to us, our capacity to influence undergoes a paradigm shift.

      The egoistic forms of influence that previously dominated us begin to fade. New sensations evolve and we “see” the Oneness of the Human Species. We also “feel” the flow of influences that determine the form (chaos or balance) of the collective force of Humanity. An immense desire is born to lift Humanity above the despair and turmoil. This is the first glimpse of what is referred to as unconditional love. From this point forward, depending on the intensity and depth of our individual effort, the force of unconditional love and our capacity to project that force will continue to expand.

      Situations of violence and abuse are disturbing validations of how people agree (or choose) to be influenced. Children have no responsibility for adult interactions. It is utter nonsense to suggest a person is born into some condition of existence due to “God’s” will or because of action(s) perpetrated in some previous life. Children learn the forms of influence from adults. If any adult wants a measure of their worth to a child (meaning to all of Creation), she or he simply has to observe how they influence children (all children)…both directly and indirectly. Children only have a capacity to influence through love, until adults teach them other forms of influence.


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