Promised Land

Knysna Beach, Noetzie, South Africa

Knysna Beach, Noetzie, South Africa

“Religion is often confused with spirituality. The two are functionally dissimilar. Religions are belief systems that are absent of the methodology necessary for the Human Species to rise to its highest potential, through the complete alignment with the Creating Force. Spiritual effort is the precise moment—to—moment engagement of that methodology.

The focus of religion is the reward, which requires a belief in some form of “after death” existence. Through voluntary or coerced acquiescence to the diverse dogma of religions, and living in conformance with dictated conduct, an individual is “guaranteed” a pleasant, eternal existence in Heaven, Akanishtha, Shamayim, Amitabha, Tian, Satyaloka, Jannah, and too many others to include. Consequently, religious practitioners are compelled to perform acts of “love”, “kindness”, and “tolerance”.  As such, the promise of religion-specific outcomes drive behavior that is parochial and self-centered; an individual performs not to contribute to the balance of Creation, but only for the after-death preservation of self, or other less noble reasons.

True spiritual attainment is not constrained by fear of, or a desire for, particular “after death” conditions. Life is an adventure of dimensional journeys and death is not a factor. Spiritual effort, the process of direct alignment with the Creating Force, recognizes that the individual is a component of the completed whole: the Human Species. The spiritual path is not engaged for the benefit of self. The aim of spirituality is to unify the Human Species as the source of unconditional love that will influence all of Creation. Humanity will merge into complete alignment with the Creating Force and unconditional love will displace the current fragmentation that permeates the balance of Creation. This evolution of the Human Species will facilitate a new dimension of existence….here….on Earth. This is called “Heaven.”

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor, 2011

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  1. Very well written and great point. If people are only performing these “selfless acts” in disguised attempts to preserve the self, do they still continue to be truly “selfless” acts? The same act done with no ulterior motive and more out of the motive of love, I believe, is likely to bring much more joy and light to the doer than one done out of obligation or fear.


    • It just occurred to me that your question may not have been rhetorical. Selflessness may be ambiguous from either motivation. Necessarily, if we engage an effort to elevate the Singular Whole, of which we are clearly a part, we benefit from that effort. However, we do act out of concern for the self-benefit. An individual who is evolving through the spiritual dimensions gradually loses the capacity for self-centeredness… the context of the conventional understanding of that concept.


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