Inner Work



“An individual must conduct her or his own inner experiment, simultaneously fulfilling the roles of the observer and the observed. These inner examinations form the basic structure of spiritual effort and thereby cultivate a profound understanding of self. The consequence of self-observation establishes the empirical basis for spiritual advancement. This is a transparent process through which it is impossible to lie about, attempt to deceive, or disguise the inner movement of emotions, thoughts, and desires: all of which influence the flow of energy that defines the inter-connectedness of Creation. The Human Being is the most conspicuous species regarding the existing relationship with Nature and the potential direct relationship with the Creating Force. Self-observation is a pre-condition to the direct relationship with the Creating Force and it is essential that this activity transpire in real time, moment—to—moment.”

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor, 2011

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  1. ahhh!!!! looove it!!!! that’s such a great thing to do with oneself… I like moments of silence because they allow me that time-space to examine the way I think, the I talk to me, the way I feel desire, dream and it feels fulfilling to be able to bend, change and re-define oneself through it…much blessings!!!!


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