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“For the Human Species, two structures of governance are possible (Human—to—Human rule does not qualify as a valid form of governance). The primary structure of governance is that from which Creation emanated, i.e. the Creating Force. The secondary structure of governance is Nature. The segment of the Human Species still dominated by egoistic influences is governed by the laws of Nature. The laws of Nature are the actualization of cause and effect interactions which evolve to mitigate any threat(s) to the balance of Creation. The only threat to the balance of Creation is the Human Species. Governance by Nature manifests as the physical (and only) dimension that the egoistically dominated Human Being is able to detect due to the self-induced limitations of the five senses. However, the Human Species also has the potential to perceive (and function within) the dimensions that engage Nature altogether differently. Each degree of alignment with the Creating Force, the transcendence of egoistic domination, is one less degree of existence within the confines of the governance of Nature. When the Human Species is completely aligned with the Creating Force, there is no longer any menace to the balance of Creation. The laws of Nature are at Peace. Creation is at Peace. The Human Being now consciously functions within the dimension of the Singular Whole: The Creating Force, Nature, and the Human Species. This is the dimension of absolute love.”

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor, 2011

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  1. this shows that god only do this nature picture and not any one could do like this thanks god for every thing you give us


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