Inner Work

The Dance

fissionWPblogCR“Spirituality is a dance between the Creating Force and the Human Being. The presence of the Creating Force seemingly tidal, a perpetual motion of drawing closer to the Human Being, but then retreating as if the dance has suddenly lost all rhythm and purpose. Yet, the Creating force neither retreats nor moves closer. Ebb and flow, the Creating Force cannot be present in the dance beyond the expressed desire of the Human Being. It is the desire for the Creating Force that withers from the dance. The Human Being falters in her or his passion for the influence of the Creating Force….the intent of the dance. Passion serves as the choreographer. The Human Being must learn the role of the choreographer, for each Human Being has her or his particular dance with the Creating Force. Every Human Being must engage the dance, or the unique potentiality of the Human Species will never be realized.”

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor, 2011

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