“Before Peace can be attained, the concept of Peace must be understood. Clarity is required for that which has never existed. Peace is not a cause of anything. Peace is a condition of existence that manifests as the principal effect of the causative presence of Unconditional Love. The symbiotic quality between Unconditional Love and Peace is the essence of cause and effect relationships. For the Human Species, the burden of effort should not be directed towards the attainment of Peace, but for the Love of each other and Nature. Cause and effect cannot flow backwards. This is as basic as it gets. When Unconditional Love fully blossoms within the Human Species, Peace is the only possible outcome. To understand the illusion of attempting to achieve Peace without the presence of Unconditional Love, a study of the evolution of Human—to—Human and Human—to—Nature relationships will suffice. Peace without Unconditional Love has never been sustainable and never will be.”

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor, 2011

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    • And there she is….Sam the Red 😉

      Yes, I immediately realized the connection when I read your post. Very cool 😉 I also owe you a response on the Steiner thing. I will wander over there after I make dinner 😉 Enjoy, Sam….

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  1. wonderful written , I do believe love comes within our self first, to have peace and inner balance has to start within ourself 🙂 ….


    • Hi Kate,

      Jesus is not accurately portrayed, if not completely misrepresented in some cases, i.e. the dissimilarity in how different Christian organizations depict his life and words. Beyond that, I do not discuss the subject in much detail.


  2. Sometimes the wisest of words fall upon the deafest of ears. A beautiful concept, though, try telling this to two warring tribes, or to the man who’s attained the darkest level of rock bottom, wandering the streets after his world collapsed and now he is looking for a victim because it is the only way he knows to relieve himself. Something tells me that guy, or the rogue warring nations wouldn’t have much to say about unconditional love for their fellow human. An unfortunate reality of human nature; seems we evolved to destroy.


    • Thank you for sharing your comment.

      It’s a dynamic process. Yet, the focus of the individual is only in relation to her or his own inner development….not the development of others. The evolution of Humanity is not complete. We did not evolve to destroy….we are simply in the process of evolving. Every Human Being is in a different stage of that evolution.


      • I believe that humanity is capable of amazing things. But, in order to achieve greatness, we must have some sort of unity. More than just the UN or the impending “one world government”, but, moreover, a harmonization with each other and our environment. This does depend on the development of others. If we only focus on ourselves, then some of us may end up becoming to self-involved, and thus, not caring, or loving anyone else.
        Do you believe humanity can actually take evolution’s next step?


        • The reference to self-observation is not in the egoistic context. Meaning, every Human Being has the responsibility for engaging her or his inner structure. There is no purpose in judging or criticizing other aspects of Humanity for perceived deficiencies in the conduct, beliefs, or culture of others. Particularly since each of us inherently possesses at least some degree of the attribute(s) being criticized.

          Unity, by definition, requires that no opposition exists to the unifying action. Unless Human Beings begin evolving spiritually at the individual level, a collective unifying evolution will not exist. So much for the relationship between the self and the collective.

          Governments, governing functions (e.g. the UN), or religion have no capacity to unify the Human Species. The existence of these entities is a de facto process of separating Human Beings from each other. The separating methods range from political propaganda to religious dogma, threat or acts of violence, and even social or cultural beliefs. All of these processes conspire, by mere fact of existence, to prevent Human Beings to live freely where they choose. Governments sign treaties to prevent our movement and religion forbids various levels of interaction with people deemed unworthy by the “leaders” of said religion. Divisions even exist within religions that separate people of the same religion.

          The Human Species will continue to evolve towards the intended purpose of the Species. The work is complex and requires immense discipline.


  3. OK Rob…“Before Peace can be attained, the concept of Peace must be understood” So if in our interaction with others and nature our goal is unconditional love, is the idea that the attainment of unconditional love is peace? I may be thinking to hard about this one??


    • Hi Jasmine…

      Peace does not create love. When the attribute of unconditional love is completely present amongst the Human Species, peace is the only possible environment that can exist. Peace within Creation is dependent on the capacity and actualization of unconditional love between Human Beings. If the love between Human Beings is not present, peace is impossible.


  4. I agree with Sahm, this does make perfect sense. I’m so glad he shared your work, Rob.

    “For the Human Species, the burden of effort should not be directed towards the attainment of Peace, but for the Love of each other and Nature. Cause and effect cannot flow backwards…”

    This was a beautiful piece, thank you!


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