“The Creating Force is a movement of energy that creates infinitely and does so without bias, conditions, condemnation, or punishment. The Creating Force has no capacity to create in any other way. The Creating Force cannot induce environments of love, compassion, judgment, hate, anger, violence, or brutality. Those forms of creativity are exclusive to the Human Species and are outcomes of individual choice. Consequent to the perpetual process of Creation, cause and effect interactions are being constructed by the Human Species. In every moment, an individual must devise her or his influencing contributions to Creation. Those choices will establish the conditions of existence within Creation, i.e. chaos or balance. In other words, the role of the Human Species is to introduce the force of unconditional love into the structure of Creation.”

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor, 2011

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  1. Wow! I just checked out your photography and fell in love with “The Cove”. It’s so real. I’ve been there, or to similar places in the South Pacific. It’s almost like Tahiti, Where I jumped ship to start a new life with Spirit. By then the Captain was more than able to carry on alone, or until I could be replaced. And, I couldn’t deal with two men in my life, each seeming to be into control.. That was many years ago but the beauty of the water (when it chose to be beautiful), I will never forget. You captured it on film.
    Thanks for the memory. And thank you for following Jeanw5.


    • An examination of spirituality, and the relative role of the Human Species, will lead an individual through a process of observations, sensations, and conclusions. The depth of the observations, sensations, and conclusion are determined by the intensity and discipline applied to the effort.


  2. That is a hard thing. But I have a question… Does unconditional love ever mean you have to agree with a person’s viewpoint? For example: I don’t agree with the viewpoints of politicians who believe spying is necessary. Is it not possible to express unconditional love towards them if you disagree with them?

    I ask because it seems like unconditional, to many, includes distance from personal opinion…at least where negative opinions might be expressed, regardless of how eloquently or well meant they are.


    • Good question, Sahm. It would be impossible to agree with a position that is in opposition to Humanity or Nature. An individual who has actualized the capacity for unconditional is an evolved force within Creation. She or he is a source of intense energy (called love) and cannot project any other form of influence, no matter what is or is not agreed to. This goes to the real question: If unconditional love was the dominant force in Human-to-Human interactions, would negative viewpoints, violence, or the need for government exist at all?


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