Cause and Effect



“Freedom is not a product of peace, and vice versa. Freedom is a consequence of absolute love consciously revealed within Human—to—Human relationships. The absence of love leaves a void that is overwhelmed by all influences that oppose love and thus, freedom is rendered impossible. The causative outcome is that the Human Species perpetuates an environment of self-imprisonment.”

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor, 2011

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        • There is nothing novel at play. Freedom implies a de facto condition of existence that is not subject to control, law, legislative or judicial interpretation, ad infinitum. Or, we can accept that freedom is not a natural state and that the conditions of freedom should continue to be determined by governments, narcissists, religions, or the “laws” of self-centeredness. The question is not how freedom is defined. The question is: Why aren’t we free?


          • I always thought of freedom as simply the capacity to act (think “degrees of freedom” in a mechanical machine).

            I really don’t get this hatred for government and laws thing though. I rather like that if someone murders me they’ll be subject to the law and I feel no discomfort at the thought that if I murder someone I too will be.

            Personally I have never felt unfree. But of course all is relative. There is an awful lot I can do, but some things are beyond my capacities.


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