Being Human


“The Human Species is the composite, physical structure that encompasses every individual. “Humanity” is the intrinsic energy system of the Species, i.e. “Humanity” is a force of existence that is actualized through the presence of unconditional love. Intrinsic means that each Human Being exercises choices of influence, received or projected. The influencing role of the Human Species is determined by the sum of its parts. How a person chooses to align himself or herself defines the amassed Human force, which delineates the composition of the energy that dominates Creation at any given moment, e.g. chaos or Peace.”

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor, 2011

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  1. As always, Rob, your thinking is a bit deep for me (being grass roots and all). I want so much to agree and yet, the question arises about this unconditional love. Is it sloppy love or as wisdom – a blend of compassion and intelligence? As in, I love you but rules are rules. You do the crime and you pay the time.


    • Hi Jean,

      Your grass roots comments are killing me 😉 I’m as “root”s as it gets.

      “do the crime and you pay the time”….this is conditional love….this is how we function in the context of emotionally driven egoistic influences. Unconditional love is s state of being, an active force of energy, that transcends the forms of “emotional love” (as we perceive them). Achieving the state of unconditional love is cause and consequence to the efforts related to inner work; the moment to moment self-observations. It is a process of discovering latent capacities to detect and feel (in real time) the “hidden” flows of human to human and human to nature interactions.


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