Being Human

Fiber Optics


“The inter-connectedness of the Human Species is not precisely understood and, as a result, it is thoroughly abused. The binding “fiber optic”, or flow of energy that unites the Human Species exists as a force of opposing potentials. This force is concealed from the majority of Human Beings due to distracting, individual egoistic influences continuously present in the moment. The primary focus on self-centered agendas trumps the ability of an individual to detect and correctly participate within the “fiber optic”. The intricacy of opposing potentials is problematic in that the “fiber optic” is at risk of being populated by destructive forms of influence, i.e. the potential condition of Peace is over-ruled by the potential condition of chaos. The message to the Human Species is very explicit: Choose carefully how you will be influenced, and how you are influencing, in every moment. The structure of the relationship between the Human Species and the rest of Creation will be determined by those choices….moment by moment.”

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor, 2011

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