Inner Work

Reality Check

“It is vital that each Human Being engage the moment—to—moment process of inner observations. The effort committed to this self-examination is specific to the state of mind of the individual. Observations of her or his inner structure define the core principle of what is commonly referred to as meditative activity, i.e. the discipline of developing a finely tuned awareness of the forms of energy (anger, hate, empathy, compassion) the individual generates, in real-time. Inner work is an immensely personal environment of self-confrontation. This is the realm where the individual cannot self-deceive regarding the forms of energy she or he channels into Creation. While an individual may, through words or physical action advocate love, peace, harmony, ad infinitum, her or his inner thoughts and emotions can be quite opposite. A reality check is necessary as the outcomes of these conflicting dynamics are predictable relative to the laws of cause and effect.”

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor, 2011

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  1. brings it home to me as a recent upheaval on Christmas Eve, where a few quickly ill chosen words has had such a devasating effect on me & the other person, in hindsight i should have stepped back become aware but i didn’t or wasn’t aware . Our words, our feelings, have such energy, good & bad……… be aware to engage in the moment…thanks


    • Thank you for visiting and sharing your perspective and experience. If we can engage the discipline of a simple pause….we have the moment to observe….and choose another course. It takes practice and effort…but the result is an observable shift in our life that becomes more profound over time.

      Again….thank you….


  2. Yes! An outward projection of positive qualities is truly pointless if our inward self does not also reflect what we are projecting. If I “love” on the outside, yet inwardly I have hate, anger, and discontentment then I am living a lie. We should all strive to be authentic . . . inside and out. We cannot honestly show love if we do not have love on the inside, and the only way to know for certain is to take inventory of what we hold within. Well said, as always, Rob. Thank you!


  3. As always, it seems, Rob, I share your thoughts but from a grass-roots perspective. We need to be aware of our roots in the dark soil as well as the shiny foliage we present to the outside world of sunlight.


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