Being Human

Spiritual Effort: consciousness versus the subconscious


Consciousness: The inner structure of the Human Being. Consciousness is the “fiber optic” by which the individual is connected to all of Creation. The consciousness of an individual is a completed whole, but also an inseparable element of the unified consciousness called the Human Species. Consciousness is the eternal communion with the Creating Force.

Observance of the inner structure precisely captures the determinative emotions contained within the thoughts (anger, compassion, fear, love, hate, etc). These determinative emotions constitute the form(s) of influence that originate from the individual. To be aware is a choice of consciousness. Meaning, an individual chooses to consciously engage moment—to—moment self-examinations of both: (1) the determinative emotions being experienced and (2) the form(s) of influence that are being received and projected.

There are only three conditions that prevent an individual from choosing the degree(s) of consciousness required to engage this moment—to—moment process: (1) she or he is unconscious, literally (2) egoistic distractions render the individual incapable of observing the process and (3) the individual has not acquired the sensations of her or his consciousness, or inner structure. The inner structure, or degrees of awareness of the inner structure, should not be confused with what is referred to as the subconscious.

Subconscious: The idea of a “subconscious” began as a theory and never evolved beyond a theory, for good reason. The label “subconscious” became a spiritual magnet over the years, and suddenly all things spiritual were attributable to or connected with the “subconscious”. One may as well chase unicorns as to pursue spiritual growth through the “subconscious”. The concept of the “spiritual subconscious” is causal to the lack of sensations or perception of the depth and functionality of consciousness.

Human Beings influence each other and the entirety of Creation through the energy flows generated by the structure of consciousness. The challenge of spiritual growth is to develop the capacity to engage consciousness in real time, and be completely cognizant of that engagement. The individual must overcome the distractions that interfere with his or her capacity to explore and acquire the sensations of consciousness. This does not imply that an individual is compelled to eliminate the distractions. Nor should the individual attempt to evade or hide from the distractions. Actual spiritual advancement is the acquired ability to engage the consciousness in the presence of the distractions. It is simply a choice of how she or he agrees to be influenced. The distractions are not forms of influence unless the individual agrees to that condition.”

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor, 2011

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  1. Dear Rob, From my grass-roots consciousness level, I seem to experience energy (from Spirit) and from everything else, more or less, as a vibrational energy, not a steady flow. Can flow refer to vibration or am I misreading your thoughts (as expressed in words).


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