Cause and Effect



“In the spiritual context, synchronicity addresses the alignment of influences. Two forms of influence are distinct to the Human Being: (1) the influences that are experienced inwardly, and (2) the influences that are propelled outwardly. Both forms of influence are active in every moment, and there is never a span of time when the influences are not active. The individual agrees to both forms of influence regardless of whether or not she or he is cognizant of those agreements.

All influences operate within the laws of cause and effect. The influences received inwardly (causes) are the origin of emotions, desires, thoughts, and actions (effects). These incoming influences result from individual observations of events or conditions, or direct interactions. The influences projected outwardly, i.e. hate, anger, compassion, love (causes) are the origin of either chaos or balance within Creation (effects). The presence of chaos or balance within Creation (causes) determine the structure of the relationship between the Human Species and the forces of Nature, and the responses by the forces of Nature (effects).

The Human Being is the only aspect of Creation with the capacity to exercise individual choice regarding the forms of influence. Meaning, the individual decides how she or he is influenced and will influence. The selected choice will define: (1) how every future moment is constructed, and (2) the dynamics of the energy flowing through the “fiber optic” that connects Human Beings with each other, and the Human Species with the entirety of Creation.”

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor, 2011

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  1. when I hear the word evolved, I always wonder about it, for I never feel I have a part of evolving into anything …I am just me, observing the energies of life..different but familiar to me
    then when I wander in here I think, evolved is a natural state of being
    within us, as we align in awareness to notice all the synchronicity around us
    I like your post….Thank you for sharing….
    Take Care…You Matter…


    • Thank you for sharing the thoughts, maryrose….the questions are really: (1) Is there ever a moment when we are not evolving? (2) If we are not conscious of those evolutions, can we develop that moment-to-moment awareness? If we developed our degrees of consciousness, would we better choose how we are evolving?


  2. Interesting, but perhaps not coincidental, that my life of late seems to be becoming highly synchronous, only to have your kind like on my book proposal post, leading me here.

    If you but knew the influence that my book, and especially its sequel, will have. I almost succumbed to chaos, but found the path to balance, upon which I still travel.

    Greetings from Ottawa.


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