Being Human


“The Creating Force is the eternal model, or highest level of influence, for the conduct of the Human Species. The Human Being is the only aspect of Creation that is obligated to observe self-conduct. This fact alone establishes the unique role and potential force of the Human Species. The Human Being is composed of the same creative properties as the Creating Force. The forms of influence that dominate the individual will define her or his conduct relative to thought, desires, and actions, i.e. conduct is the act of creating.

The Creating Force infinitely creates all that exists and does so without threat of harm, bias, or concerns for personal gain. The Creating Force cannot choose to create otherwise. The Human Being can and does choose to create both positive and negative forms of influence. From a spiritual perspective, the choices are dependent on the individual being consciously aware of her or his thoughts in every moment, and examining the determinative emotions existent therein. Learning to master the moment is a fundamental element for evolving the Human Species to its greatest potential. This is why spirituality is called work.”

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor, 2011

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  1. Individuals can represent the collective without a conscious intent. Perhaps the conduct of individuals invokes the actions and reactions of the universe or the unifying cosmic vibrations of life. This code of conduct is … a great responsibility, it takes effort. Energy spent here and now means energy gained later. Thank you for this thought and wisdom: it provokes me ponder this further and help me understand there are many an unfortunate, who allow their reactions displayed without this consideration of conduct.


    • Yes, the challenge is to develop the conscious intent. Consciousness speak to the degrees of awareness an individual has achieved.

      Thank you for your perspective and comments..


  2. How can we know that only we humans can observe self-conduct? Dolphins, in my experience, seemed aware of my awareness of them. Animals, such as wounded dogs (a dog, in my experience) seemed aware of its pain and need for solitude, to lick his wounds and recover his strength. Even a tree cried out to me for help, when it was in danger of fire. My house plants droop to make me feel guilty of neglect. Raccoons and cats seem aware of my thoughts, while many people I know seem hardly aware of their own.


    • You’re comparing apples to oranges. Secondly, there was no statement “that only humans can observe.” The actual statement: “….. is obligated to observe.” Meaning, the Human Being is the only aspect of Creation with the capacity to choose to act against Creation. As such, we are “obligated” observe our conduct.


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