Being Human

Force of One


“The force of one will influence the many. This is an absolute reality; the quintessential law of the Creating Force. The edict of the Human Being is simple: I am; therefore, I influence. Spiritually, the forms of influence exist as: (1) expressed energy, or (2) potential energy.

Expressed energy is that which currently flows through the cosmic “fiber optic”, connecting every Human Being and establishing the unified attribute of the Human Species. The quantum of expressed energy streaming through the “fiber optic” equals the force of one, multiplied by seven billion. The individual chooses her or his forms of influence that will be converted to expressed energy. Those choices will be experienced by the entire Human Species, and throughout Creation. Expressed energy reveals the prevailing forms of influence currently active within the Human Species at any given moment. The effects of expressed energy are clearly apparent in the observed global community.

Potential energy is the form of influence not yet present in the “fiber optic”. The dynamic force required to actualize potential energy is unconditional love. The capacity to choose the forms of influence is directly proportional to individual awareness, or degrees of consciousness, of moment—to—moment interactions through which Human Beings convert influences into expressed energy. The potential energy of the force of one will remain dormant until he or she actualizes the desire for unconditional love. The Human Species is a force that is quantified by the sum of its parts.”

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor, 2011

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  1. Expressed energy = illusion and potential energy = reality or truth. So the current level of humanity is dominated by choices which reflect illusion. Leaving dormant the ever present potential, which is indeed demonstrated by only one thing in our lives – the present moment. It remains forever unchanging, while it’s content may be constantly fluctuating.
    Humanity has over 5,000 recorded years of choices, with very little change in this process (or line of thinking) that serves humanity so poorly. Yes, there have indeed been those who have, by their presence alone (not to be confused with their appearance in history, but the deep presence in which they lived), influenced humanity with unconditional love. And lesser men have taken their understanding of these examples and attempted to codify them into system to achieve similar results. We can clearly see these choices of codification failed too.
    Potential energy IS present in the ‘fiber optic’, as each human is a shard of the whole. One cannot ‘actualize’ it, for then it would only exist once one ‘handled’ it. Then it might be here, or might be over there, purely subject to a humans idea of where it might be, and not eternal. It would also be subject to time – I can’t find it today, so I must search my past for clues and look to the future for it’s discovery – time is part of the illusion of separation. Choosing forms of influence is a dangerous affair – as humans have aptly demonstrated. Unconditional Love indeed represents the ONE, and is a singular experience. It seeks to influence no one – are we the individual fibers or are we ONE? (Waves on an ocean are individuated, but they still are the ocean)
    We cannot hope for the other to get it. We must be the one to realize unconditional love is all there is. All else is futile, and is within the confines of time. The Human Species is merely form in time that is indeed quantified by it’s thoughts – once the identification with thoughts (as who one is) are dropped – the much sought for Unconditional Love becomes present. What a massive challenge for the human to disregard each and every thought of what humanity should or could be – for hanging on to a single one blocks awareness of the experience of ONENESS (Unconditional Love).


  2. The sum of its parts tells it all and provides the only possible answer, Rob. As Spirit tells me, our way is one to one for Life. The force of the Universe, as some of us, at least, feel, is powerfully magnetic, but there is another force that competes for our allegiance, social acceptance and generally accepted opinions and beliefs. Society can be ruthless, as history has proven. Many of us may be almost willing, but one alone?
    I haven’t got the answer. I’m still working on the question(s).


    • Thank you for your comment, Jean.

      That competing force is the unevolved ego. The force of one, meaning the spiritual evolution of each individual, is a prerequisite to the force of the Species. There s no collective force without individual effort.

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      • Exactly, but there are so many individuals contributing to the collective force that, fortunately is allowed to resist, only within universal constraints. A higher power rules, I hope.


      • It’s almost like the chicken and the egg – which came first and how to have one without the other. You are so right in that individuals are an integral part of and as such, are the collective. I see the situation as helpless but Spirit does not. WE are not alone and there is no hurry, He tells me.
        Thank you again.


  3. The key to the lock: “The dynamic force required to actualize potential energy is unconditional love.” Your words have a real force behind them. It is good to be “influenced” in this way!



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