Being Human

Role Play


“Without the behavior of Human interaction, Nature functions in a state of complete balance. Every aspect of Nature has a defined role. Except for the Human Being, those roles are performed without resistance. The Human Being is the only component of Creation that can oppose, or have a propensity to oppose, its inherent function. It is only the Human Being that is capable of an ambition to dominate Nature; to hate, to nullify peace, or even aspire to an understanding of her or his inner essence.

The salient factor specific to the Human Species is the capacity to choose the dominant forms of influence, and probe into the depths of the significance and purpose of Human existence. The forms of influencing energy, determined individually, will define the collective force of the Human Species. This process clarifies the structure of spiritual relativity, i.e. the cause and effect interactions between the Human Species, Nature, and the Creating Force.”

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor, 2011

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  1. I’m not sure we have a choice. I’m not sure we aren’t genetically programed toward violence and destruction…war, hatred and killing. It seems to have been that way from the beginning. When the first cave people met other cave people I don’t doubt they had tiny wars over something. One group could speak and the other could not…so….who knows. I used to think there was something wrong with us, and there is, depending on what you expect us to be like, but now, I think we are just killers, destroyer, out to kill the earth and everything on it. I don’t think we have the intelligence to care about the repercussions of what we are doing. Poisoning our water, destroying the air, two things we need just to EXIST and the most basic level. All the government does to polluters is fine them because money is more important than life. Seems like someone would catch on to the fact that money won’t matter if there is no life, but maybe that’s just my point of view. Somehow money and power have have spawned death and destruction and people and life in general have fallen by the wayside. I used to have hope but I gave that up. I missed it for awhile but things just seem to keep getting worse. All the years I fought to make things better seem like such a waste of time. I’m not sorry for all the time I put in, believe me, it’s just that I can see how useless it all was. Everything we did we were ALLOWED to do, by the government and those who run it behind the scenes. The people in charge of society only let protesters go so far, then they act. I don’t see the Revolution forming, but maybe I’m looking in the wrong place. Perhaps there is a reset button, for society, somewhere. It is what it is and we get what we deserve, pretty much sums it up for me. I’m a city girl…born and raised in Chicago…still here. I was always around horses and trails, however, so I guess that counts as a bit of country:). But trust me, I’m expressways and skyscrapers all the way and my world view comes from that place. If my long responses are a problem for you, please let me know. I don’t want to be a pest or take up too much time. Thank you.


    • Your responses are always welcome.

      Essentially, I only have to ask myself a few questions: What am I contributing? Do I influence through negative energies? Or, do I truly engage the spiritual efforts to influence as a force of love? Until I have resolved those issues I have no capacity to effectively influence the observable deficiencies in this world, let alone those deficiencies that are only visible through spiritual growth.

      Clearly, all forms of government, and the systems that support those governments are devolving into obsolescence. There’s nothing to fix. No aspect of Creation, including the Human Species, is meant to be governed by anything except the naturally occurring process of cause and effect interactions. This is a complex subject that requires discussions of great depth.


  2. I appreciate the idea that nature is in balance, and we are the ones out of alignment. Only through inaction, can we find ourselves in balance. Like water, we must find the path of least resistance.


  3. I enjoyed this post, as a child Nature gave a sense of balance to humans and I lived an uncomplicated life. Raised by a Native American Great-grandmother and my father… my role, as a child was to respect Nature. I passed this on to my children who in turn learned to respect Earth and all her inhabitants, and especially the Force that created her. Your blog is an inspiration, thank you for sharing your wisdom. Ann Johnson-Murphree


    • Ann,

      Thank you for sharing your experiences. It’s a great narrative on positive familial influences.

      Your comments on the blog are much appreciated, given your own talents as a writer.



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