Being Human

The Forest for the Trees: the delusion of self-love


“Self-love is a defining achievement of the Human Species and not a detached attribute of the individual. If any portion of the Human Species is in contradiction to love, each individual will be proportionally deficient of self-love. This is due to the inter-connectedness of the Human Species. Specifically, the engagement of hate, violence, subjugation, or bias, i.e. any negative forms of influence, by an individual (or group of individuals) creates a “void” or feeling of emptiness within the structure of the Human Species. The sensation of emptiness cannot simply apply to the collective, but is equally distributed within and felt by every Human Being. The expanse, depth, and intensity of the “void” precisely correlates to the percentage of the Human Species participating in the negative forms of influence. This “void” is the place where unconditional love is impossible.

Self-love is a convergent power that absorbs the individual and not vice versa. When the Human Species actualizes the cumulative capacity for self-love, the force called “Humanity” will awaken.”

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor, 2011

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  1. This exemplifies my own thoughts on an awakening of one each to the other in a way that is real and at a level that is conscious but risen fron the subconscious, partly because we choose it but mainly because we are open to it in the first place. There can be no real lasting happiness and no real loss of it while some experience one or the other. This ties with something I am writing. I will look again at your words in relation to that. Thank you for sharing them here. They make a lot of sense to me.

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  2. If you are right, then something we cannot imagine will have to happen, in order to change what is. I understand what you are saying completely. I just don’t want it to be true because it would seem that there is no hope. It’s possible that this place is meant to be like this, therefore, I would like to think that individuals are separate from each other (in some ways) and not bound to the hive mentality or life. It would be like saying that in order to get an A in class, EVERYONE would have to get an A. You can apply that to everything. No one will be well unless all are well. No one is whole if everyone isn’t whole. With the knowledge we currently possess…we don’t have a chance, if that is true. But, as I said, I don’t think this is a place for good or positive things to exist in a way that will raise everyone up. This is a gladiator stadium and the fight for survival and peace never seems to end. Even when we gather together in a crisis, the minute it’s over, we go back to our original pattern…that has to tell us something. It’s this PLACE and what is supposed to happen here. We might come here to FEEL everything on a higher, supercharged level. Like a roller coaster. When we die, maybe we do say,” Wow, what a ride. ” I think the problems are built into the system, maybe, for a reason. At this moment I do not think/feel they can be overcome because we are living in a downward spiral. The Age of Aquarius has gotten lost somewhere and Fear and Loathing has taken its place. We can’t make positive changes as long as people have no voice, and the status quo continues to rule with an iron fist and is run by the super rich who are spreading fear throughout the world. Unless we come up with a new form of currency on our own, I don’t see how we can fight them. Money is power and they have it. If they push hard enough people will revolt but after it’s over, those who are left (because the powerful own the police/military) will regroup and life will probably continue as it was, only worse…in a MORE VISIBLE policed state than it is now. I don’t have any answers but we are still allowing our freedom to be taken away “for our own good,” we are still not standing up in mass protest, to fight back. So unless something amazing comes along…it’s only going to get worse. Great post.


    • Thank you for you perspectives. We will instigate the required changes. It’s not a matter of “if”. We need to clarify what it means to “have a voice”. How an individual influences others is the voice. The focus is not in “fixing” everyone else or every perceived conflicting condition. When an individual actualizes her or his force of unconditional love, their “voice” carries an unparalleled power to influence. Evolving one’s inner structure is where each individual should engage his or her efforts. Everything else is cause and consequence to that process, i.e. it is impossible for conflicting conditions to exist when unconditional love is the binding force of the Human Species. We will evolve to exist in that state. No other outcome is possible. There will be many adventures during the journey; some have and will continue to challenge our resolve.

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  3. “When the Human Species actualizes the cumulative capacity for self-love, the force called “Humanity” will awaken.”

    Poignantly powerful Rob, truly. I agree wholeheartedly with you and the message you so succinctly shared. Perhaps, if Humanity (myself included) were to focus on self-love and also love of others instead of this relentless race for power, money, and other materialistic things…they/we would all find that which matters most in this life. Perhaps. Thank you for sharing this! ~


  4. I appreciate the idea that we cannot truly love ourselves unless we are truly loving others. Because how can I love myself completely if I am allowing someone else to suffer? The natural give and take of life says that because I withheld love from another, my own selflove that I seek will be just a little farther out of my grasp.

    Very intriguing thought. Thank you!


  5. Thanks for reading my post, Rob. It’s way too late for me to do your writing justice! I will come back in the morning. I’m happy to connect with someone else on a spiritual path and writing about it. namaste.


  6. This was so beautiful and brought to mind so many dynamics I had been witnessing. Thanks for expressing this truth so eloquently. Your continued message of the interconnectedness of everyone needs to be heard.


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