Being Human



“All obstacles to earning the spiritual sensations are self-induced. The obstacles are merely cause and effect indications that an individual is ruled by incorrect influences. That statement gives birth to the question: What are incorrect influences? The forms of influence (hate, anger bias, compassion, gratitude, etc) determine the prevailing force within the “fiber optic” (or energy flow) that connects all Human Beings. Any form of influence that inserts chaos into the “fiber optic” is incorrect. The presence of chaos (cause) creates disunity (effect) amongst the Human Species. Such disunity (cause) is the source of all imbalance (effect) with the Cosmos. The continued presence of obstacles is a declaration confirming that no effort is engaged in changing the forms of influence. When the influences are counter-productive, conditions of adversity are the status quo for Human existence.

The obstacles reflect choice. Obstacles are not coincidence, fate, pre-determined, or modes of punishment. It is a very simple process of cause and effect. The perceived obstacles are the discernible aspects of cause and effect interactions. All thoughts, desires, and consequent actions are the effects of the primary cause: one or more forms of influence. There is no free pass associated with the cause and effect dynamics of spiritual effort. An individual must make evident a monumental resolve to liberate herself or himself from shackles of incorrect influences. The potential influence of unconditional love is dependent on the collective liberation of the Human Species.”

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor, 2011

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  1. One element of this passage I enjoyed is the simplicity of it. There is no outside God or Authority “passing judgment”. The interaction of cause and effect is wholly based upon what we might call cosmic, or natural, Law. Effect is not a matter of a Higher Power’s whim or opinion. None are bestowed special treatment. And thus, none of us are truly “guilty” for the discord we see. Responsible, yes. What I mean is there has been a simple error, a simple error like writing 3 + 3 = 7 on a first grade math quiz. No one needs to be sent to jail over such a mistake. And so, all our mistakes are like this… errors. The thing is to correct them. Our conditions are telling us we have made an error, not that we are screwed up beings. The thing to do is not beat ourselves up about our unworthiness, failures, or inabilities. The thing to do is simply use the feedback and resolve to desire/allow the error to be corrected (through inviting Love’s Presence).



    • The Human Species cannot be collectively liberated until each individual has acquired the properties of unconditional love. The attributes of the Human Species are determined by the sum of its parts.


      • Alright, so it depends on the individual. Maybe I misread it, but as I understood it human beings must be liberated first. But still, I must ask, do you think unconditional love is possible for all human beings?


  2. I love how you have explained the critical cause and effect mechanism, one many people in the spiritual community seem to choose to ignore for being too “materialistic”. Thank you for your succinct words 🙂


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