Cause and Effect

Either, Or….


“The essence of the Creating Force cannot be understood or perceived from any aspect of physical sensations, the practicing of religious or other belief systems, or even the rigors of scientific examination. The Creating Force is precisely that—a force by which the Cosmos is being created in every moment of existence. The process of Creation occurs without bias, conditions, applied punishments, or expectations. The Creating Force has no capacity for such considerations. As the Creating Force is the prime source of all existent energy threads, the Creating Force is also the de facto origin of the laws of cause and effect by which those energy threads interact and influence. The laws of cause and effect are actuated through the process called Nature. The presence of chaotic influences represents the only conceivable threat (cause) to the balance within Creation. Chaotic movement will stimulate a mitigating response (effect) from the laws of Nature. The singular source of all chaotic energy is the Human Species.

The formation of chaos is determined by the inner state of the individual. Consequently, the Human Species incites and experiences the responses from the forces of Nature, in whatever manner those responses materialize. The dilemma that confronts the Human Species is that all Human—to—Human and Human—to—Nature interactions are an “either-or” choice: contribute to the chaos, or oppose the chaos. That choice begins with the individual and emerges as a mass force attributable to the Human Species.

The dynamics of the relationship between Nature and the Human Species is analogous to a cancer cell invading the Human body. The only possible response of the immune system is to remove the chaotic influence of the cancer cell and restore balance to the body. Otherwise, the cancer cell will grow exponentially and destroy the body. The irony of this microcosmic scenario is that the cancer cell is orchestrating unavoidable suicide: kill the body, kill the cancer. At the macro-cosmic level, the Human Species plays the role of the cancer cell; the chaotic maelstrom that attacks all levels of Nature. The structure of Nature is sustaining damage as a result of Human influence, but unlike the Human body the laws of Nature will prevail. The Human Species would do well to consider the fate of the cancer cell. Clearly, a paradigm shift in the Human thought process long overdue.

It is not a random occurrence that the forces of Nature will respond to the source of chaos, but the actual form of the response is entirely random. The presence of chaos is observed through the effects (responses from Nature) that are visible to the individual. In other words, without the capacity for the sensations of movement within the “fiber optic” the individual can only perceive the results of the chaos and not the actual formation. The capacity for sensations means the individual has spiritually evolved to a level in which she or he consciously observes and functions within the “fiber optic”. This is the precise moment that the Human Being departs the scheme of dogmas, conjecture, and assumptions. The individual has merged with the first degree of the first dimension in the realm of Truth.”

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor, 2011

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  1. Love the bit about “consciously” as well. very true and something I constantly work with in my own life- some times more effectively than others. thank you for helping us continue to understand our place in it all 🙂


    • Hi Kimberly…thank you for that personal perspective. We are all so very connected through this process.

      If we step back and consider all the moments in a day, or even an hour, that we are not conscious of our inner process….well, what else can be said? It is not a small effort to engage the inner dynamics of each moment. But the potential for change is enormous.


  2. “Consciously”……Yes, that is the key ,,,,,,,,,,,,, much to much of our interaction with nature is unconscious …..sadly we have a long way to go and will nature give us the time needed……….


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