Being Human


Sunset Cliffs, California

Sunset Cliffs, California

“The only legitimate legacy of the Human Species, and all conditions of the future will be determined by the tangible spiritual greatness that is achieved by every Human Being, in each moment. There is no legacy to be found in how Human Beings inflate the capacity and potential to annihilate each other. Over the course of Human history, the influences of philanthropy, scientific advancement, religion, and political systems have never proven capable of repairing the existent fragmentation that dominates Human—to—Human and Human—to—Nature relationships. Consider the incalculable sums of money and effort that the Human Species has invested and is still funding, towards more “efficient and effective” methods of killing itself and Nature.

The Human Species has a unique role in establishing a new dimension within the structure of Creation. It is time to evolve out of the shackles and dismiss this nonsense of “living” in opposition to each other. Spirituality is not a passive action.”

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor, 2011

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  1. Humankind has the responsibility to lift themselves from this morass, but will ‘the powers that be’ allow it so readily? We may have to struggle for the right to better ourselves.
    Great article.
    Susan x


    • Yes, Susan, we have that responsibility. It’s an inner journey the “powers that be” cannot influence unless we allow it. Spirituality is a force that cannot be stopped if we pursue it. Spiritual effort is the only environment where all Human Beings are truly equal….to engage the effort, or not.

      Good thoughts, Susan….thank you for taking time to comment….


      • My pleasure – I feel that in the very near future we will be called to account for our (humankind’s) behavior and we will have to choose where our beliefs will allow us to work in the framework of life.

        It should be an interesting time and journey.
        Thanks Rob.
        Susan x


  2. When we are in opposition against ourselves within ourselves as individuals we are in opposition to all. To Know Thyself is the beginning of Wisdom. Know = Spiritual knowledge of who we truly are, Wisdom = Acting and being in harmony with All

    ~~~ Blessings


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