Inner Work

The Anatomy of a Moment

By default, spirituality and time are mutually incompatible. A moment is an indefinable, immeasurable span of existence embracing interactions that Human Beings are compelled to observe, evaluate, and contemplate. In the spiritual environment, time has no context. Life is the perpetual flow of cause and effect interactions that characterize the impacting force of the Human Species, which is the consequence of personal spiritual effort.

Spiritual effort, or the active form of spirituality, is the resolute expression of examining individual inner influences that transpire within the moment. This “expression” transcends its predecessor, which is the intent to do so. An intention without expression is the passive form of spiritual conduct. The objective of engaging the contemplation of inner influences is to measure self-conduct in the moment. Spiritual effort should not be directed towards future or past circumstances. The future is determined by the cause and effect dynamics of each moment. As such, the future can be reconstructed from one moment to the next. There is no “after the fact” spiritual (cause and effect) diligence that can alter the past.

Spiritual capacity, measured by degrees of egoistic transcendence, delineates the depth of discipline an individual can apply to the moment—to—moment inner examinations. The observation and evaluation of inner influences is applied in two directions. (1) The incoming influences shape the emotions, thoughts, and desires of the individual. (2) The outgoing influences reflect how he or she impacts the “fiber optic”, or energy flow that connects the Human Species. Each Human Being, consistent with the astuteness of her or his evolving spiritual capacity (or lack thereof), will choose which form of influence they will become.

The intensity demanded for spiritual effort is self-evident through the realization that the work is required for every moment, and not by the commitment of convenience.”

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor, 2011

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  1. Hi Rob, as always I’m to be found in older parts of your blog 🙂 A number of things struck me in this wonderful piece. Firstly, the idea of “spiritual capacity” being “measured by degrees of egoistic transcendence”. I totally agree. I’ve noted, however, that other persons connote “spiritual capacity” with spiritual “powers” (psychic, manifestation, healing). I do not particularly agree with that approach as I’ve seen a number of so-called “very spiritual” people act in ways that seem rather contrary. The second thing that I resonated with was your conclusion that “the intensity demanded for spiritual effort is self-evident through the realization that the work is required for every moment”. Yes, spirituality is not something that can be relegated to our leisure pursuits. And finally, this post reminded me of another of your excerpts where you mention cause and effect. Am I right that you say that once an action (cause) has been taken, the quality of the energetic return (effect) is determined and cannot be altered e.g. like good and bad karma? Wishing you a peaceful evening, Sam 🙂

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    • Thank you, Sam 😉 Yes, it is interesting how some concepts are associated with spirituality. It is certainly a seller’s market with an abundance of misled and/or uninformed “buyers.”
      I write extensively in my book about cause and effect. Karma is another misunderstood principle, often interpreted as the effect or result of some previous action. In fact, “karma” translates to a volitional act; a conscious choice (or cause) with intent to influence in a specific manner. So, a thought (intent) is the cause of two things: (1) the thought is an autonomous force that enters the energy stream (as chaos or love) flowing through all Human Beings and Nature (2) the thought (intent) is also the cause of any physical act to actualize a desired result. The physical act (effect) now becomes the cause of the next evolution of consequences, ad infinitum. Cause and effect is always in play. The only force that has a capacity to alter existent cause and effect conditions is unconditional love.

      There is considerable misinterpretation regarding unconditional love. It is not an emotional state and an individual does not attain this level simply by declaring love for all things. This is a force that a Human Being evolves to and becomes. The force of unconditional love cannot be displaced by any other force in the Cosmos, but unconditional love can and will overwhelm any opposing force. A person at this level understands how to influence the energetics in a manner that brings balance to Human—to—Human and Human—to—Nature relationships.

      As you are aware, karma is also associated with conditions a Human Being will experience from one life to another or reincarnation. Rebirth, or reincarnation, applies less to physical death than to moment—to—moment progressions. We experience a rebirth in every moment and we are never the same as the moment before. As such, cause and effect (or karma) authors the autobiography of each moment—-based on our choices.

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      • Gosh, cheers, Rob! Loads to chew on there 🙂 Really appreciate it. I’ve read this comment of yours over a number of times and it has sparked ample reflection my end. I’ll now let it seep into the less rational parts of my being 😉 Joyful greetings, Sam 🙂

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  2. So, it is, therefore safe to say that when the “required work” is in action then the commitment is a by product… I have gotten this fyi – commitment is a by product from someone/somewhere. And coming across with your post Rob makes sense! Thanks to you.


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