Inner Work

Primary and Secondary

“Regarding Human potential, the postulates of spirituality and unconditional love necessitate clarification. Spirituality is not a circumstance of attainment or level of existence. Spirituality is the applied effort that evolves the Human Being from the potential state to the expressed state. In the absence of spirituality (applied effort) the power of unconditional love will not manifest as an expressed force of energy. Any individual who pursues spirituality is compelled to explore the dynamics of unconditional love. A broadly held premise is that “practicing” gratitude, compassion, religion, etc., will stimulate some level of capacity to love unconditionally. The exact cause and effect relationships are quite the opposite.

Until unconditional love is established as the singular governing influence presiding over the individual, there is only a conceptual and egoistic engagement of matters such as gratitude and compassion. The practice cannot be sustained because the Human Being is too easily distracted by opposing influences, i.e. anger, frustration, judging others, and so on. An individual cannot vow her or his adherence to compassion or gratitude while simultaneously exhibiting any contradicting influences.

Opposing distractions are impossible when the force of unconditional love is existent within the inner structure of the individual. Gratitude, compassion et al., are not cultivated through choice driven actions or intentions that are absent of parallel spiritual exertion. These attributes are secondary forces of energy that will only manifest as effects of the primary cause of unconditional love. Spirituality (the applied effort) is concerned with the examination of (1) the energy force of unconditional love, and (2) the energy force of each of the secondary attributes; gratitude, compassion, peace, empathy, tolerance, and Humanity. The parts (attributes) are dysfunctional unless emanated from the whole (force of unconditional love).

The Human Being must examine his or her own inner essence and determine, truthfully, the reality of commitment to spirituality. The deep waters of unconditional love cannot be navigated except by becoming the force of unconditional love.”

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor, 2011

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  1. Elegantly simple, spine-tingling writing that convinced three beings I never knew were inside of me to admit to their existence and sign up for a spiritual gym membership, also known as, engagement with Life on Planet Earth.



  2. Rob, I aspire to be an energy of unconditional love in my work and flow. It is easier some days than others. 🙂 Thank you for this beautiful blog post and your thoughts that lead us forward to understanding.


  3. “Until unconditional love is established as the singular governing influence presiding over the individual, there is only a conceptual and egoistic engagement of matters such as gratitude and compassion.” This is why I love your writing!


  4. I’ve spent a lot of time researching when ‘spirituality’ started. Do Great Apes have it? Is it part of why Homo became a genus, evolved from Australopithecine? I’ve read lots of Fossey, Galdikas, Goodall, but not about this topic. I do, though, think Great Apes are too ‘human’ to be treated as they are.


    • Spirituality is driven by the acquired understanding of specific forms of influence. Through such understandings, conscious choices are exercised to align with the influences that bring balance in Human-to-Human and Human-to-Nature interactions. Animals, other than the Human Species, do not have the capacity to conceptualize forms of influence or to choose relative conduct. An animal cannot choose to oppose its role within Nature, nor to pursue the depth of spiritual movement. Only the Human Being can choose to oppose Nature, or the Cosmos, and even the cause and effect structure imposed by the natural laws of the Creating Force. Yet, unlike other species, the Human Being can also choose to transcend all opposing conducts and evolve to a collective force called “Humanity”. When the force of “Humanity” is actualized there will be a paradigm shift in existence as we know it.


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