Being Human

Autobiographies 101


“The life path of every Human Being is unique. This heterogeneity is not a function of pre-determination, but rather a continuously evolving autobiography. The course of each individual will engross a multitude of plots and sub-plots, but the evolving chronicles are not produced by pen and paper. Instead, the life story is developed through the structure of cause and effect.

Every advancing moment is written by three preceding causative elements: thoughts, desires, and actions, which reflect the forms of influence that dominate the individual. All causative elements are influenced by some form of interaction. Consequently, these causative elements will become the influence for some form of interaction. The dominate influences will (proportional the spiritual discipline of the individual) open doorways to the structure of Truth, or provide obstructions to entering those doorways. The presence of obstructions is the effect of the individual choosing (or aligning with) the destructive forms of influence (hate, anger, brutality, bias, persecution, etc.). The barriers also deliver a profound message to the individual: she or he should reconsider the influences that are agreed to.

Spirituality is, by necessity, a disciplined conscious effort to examine the depth and expanse of the causative elements in real time. As such, the individual seizes the opportunity to reject those influences that will create obstacles to entering and exploring the path of Truth.”

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor, 2011

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  1. Hi Rob,

    Thanks for this post, this is an area I reflect on a great deal… I share your thinking about cause and effect, I also think there is an added ingredient in the mix. When a ’cause’ happens too early for it to be followed by thought, desire and action, (e.g. a traumatic experience in the womb, during birth, or as a baby), when that human being is not yet capable of forming thoughts about the cause, it can still create an effect. But, that effect is at an energetic level, and a totally subconscious one. I believe that some of these causes, which we have little or no way to discover let alone understand as an adult, can govern to some degree our choices as we continue to write our autobiographies. Maybe only through a lucky encounter with a shaman, or years of meditation, or being drawn to ayahuasca with good intention, can that energy pattern be dissolved to release a person to move forwards with more spiritually aligned choices…

    I hope my thoughts do not intrude; your post touches on ideas which are so interesting to dwell upon!


  2. Rob, I am so happy you are writing these thoughts. Templates for the awake mind to absorb and enact in order to stay in joy and light as they move toward emanating universal love…more often. Thanks!


  3. I love the line about every advancing moment has causative elements. Such a profound way of working with this idea. the last paragraph is simply incredible. I agree with comment from “Michael” – you should write a book!


  4. You really should consider writing a book. 🙂 Your sentences are like firecrackers. They pull you in, but the resistant, false identity within whose undoing is pending upon receipt of these words knows, if I get too close to one of those things, I might get burned.



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