Cause and Effect

Force and Energy


“The Creating Force is not a singular or external “entity” that invokes rule of law over that which is created. The law of governance is left to the structure of cause and effect. The context of “Force” that is attached to “Creating” specifically captures the quintessential point. Force is the applied effort necessary to Create. The intensity of the applied force is contingent upon the potential for expressed energy to magnify the intensity. The Creating Force is composed of infinite energy and, as such, there is no limit to the available force that can be applied to the creative process. Meaning, Creation is perpetual and has no terminal point.

The Creating Force propagates the energy “DNA” during the creative phase. The Human Species, as with all aspects of Creation, is formed of the same energy expressed by the Creating Force, but the energy remains passive in the absence of specific conducts. The uniqueness of the Human Species, over all other forms of Creation, is the capableness for engaging the imparted energy. Unlike other species, the Human Being can elect to observe, investigate, evaluate, and align with the Creating Force. The Creating Force creates unconditionally, demands nothing and cannot have a capacity to harm, punish, or otherwise threaten any element of the Cosmos. For the Human Species, aligning with the Creating force means each Human Being will create in precisely the same manner.”

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor, 2011

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