Cause and Effect

Three Years

Nearly three years have passed since making this jump at the Bloukrans Bridge in South Africa. As the craving starts to build for some similar adventure, the analogy to life movement is worth consideration.


Life has no shortage of those moments that constitute a point of “no return”. Whether thought or action, the point of no return is when the energy force of the thought or action is simultaneously released into the fiber optic that connects the Human Species. An infinite potential of cause and effect interactions can and will evolve from this first movement. All Human Beings, and the entire Cosmos, will be influenced.


Life can seem like a blur at times. The individual flows from each point of no return, to the next, with no sensation of the energy flux she or he has imposed on the on the rest of Creation. Conscious awareness requires a choice followed by an effort.

Vertical Shift_wpt

The Human Being cannot evade the reality of the cause and effect structure. All Human Beings are equal in that each is a full partner in deciding if the Human Species will crash face-first, at terminal velocity….or not. Clearly, we should choose well the energy we create. We could choose Love.

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    • Thank you for your comments. The photos are captured by numerous cameras around the jump platform. I applied a few enhancements to try and represent what I was experiencing during the jump. Glad you liked the photos.


      • The enhancements are a perfect touch. When I look at shots I’m left with a dizzying yet exhilarated feeling. I’ve never done anything similar but based on the feelings I’m left with from the photos, I think it seems likes quite an experience.


        • I had done similar jumps, but previous to this one the highest was about 200 feet. The Bloukrans Bridge is about 700 feet and there’s more time to experience the vertical shift. Definitely more intense… 😉


  1. Lorenz’ Butterfly Effect. Every thought and action has an affect on this planet and everything on it. On another plane – well done on the bungee jump. I think the only time I’d have the nerve is if I had to choose between it and parachuting out of a plane to save my life…bungee jumping it is!


  2. I like the words that you share with your photos..and I will look from afar again 🙂
    I thought about jumping once, but it went away really fast, I went up to jump while I was in the Army, couldn’t do it, I could repel out of the helicopter in the unit I was with, to this day I am not sure how I did it LOLs
    Great photos Rob…
    Take Care…You Matter….


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