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Depth Perception


“The concept of “depth perception” is applied differently to spiritual vision, as opposed to physical vision. In the physical context, depth perception is specific to the function of “seeing” in three dimensions, i.e. the brain processing images captured through the eyes. Spiritual depth perception is the ability to detect and interact with sensations not discernible through any physical attributes. The evolution of spiritual depth perception is conjoined to the influences that dominate the individual. If an individual is controlled by egoistic influences, her or his capacity for spiritual depth perception is proportionately diminished.

Spiritual “vision” is the observation of the forms of influence that comprise the energy flows in all Human—to—Human and Human—to—Nature interactions. In other words, an individual develops progressively intense sensations of how Human Beings influence each other, and the composition of influences the Human Species feeds into the Cosmos. These influences are flows of energy that are characterized by distinct patterns, or ripples and waves. The forms of influence such as hate, anger, violence or compassion, gratitude, and tolerance each have a precise energy structure that can be identified by an individual who is emerging as a force of unconditional love.

As the egoistic tendencies fade, the capability to distinguish the different energy flows begins to mature. The results of this process, the experience of moving within the actual flows of influencing energies are so intense that the individual is awakened to a new dimension of cause and effect structures. The distinction between observing or reading about acts of hate, of despair or extreme futility and absorbing the energy flows of those conditions are magnitudinal. The individual is so overwhelmed by immense desires to eliminate these chaotic conditions that she or he instantly propels a new force of energy into the flux of Human—to—Human and Human—to—Nature interactions. This is the first degree of a new dimension called unconditional love. For the individual, the actualization of each succeeding degree of the force unconditional love becomes the primal imperative

The essence of unconditional love, as a spiritual element, should not be confused with the emotional or egoistic variations. Unconditional love is not an emotional trait, nor is it developed simply because an individual declares the intention to love unconditionally. Within the structure of Creation, unconditional love is a latent form of energy and the most powerful force of influence possible. The activation of this power is dependent on the spiritual transformation of the Human Species.”

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor, 2011

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    • Thank you for visiting and sharing your question.

      The question is good, but has a bit of complexity attached. Which version of “God” should we consider? Even within each religion there are conflicting perspectives on their specific “God”, and similarly, the leaders and practitioners of each religion have conflicting views or interpretations of the “sacred documents” that govern those religions. Regardless, there does exist a Creating Force. To reduce that Force to some entity that exhibits preferential treatment to one group of Human Beings over other Human Beings is problematic. Each of us is an extension of and a complete partner with the Creating Force. Our potential capacity to create, for becoming an actual force of unconditional love is actualized through individual discovery of our inner dimensions and how we align and interact with the Creating Force. We do not need to rely on someone (nor should we) to tell us what the Creating Force is, or is not. If and individual is aggressive and disciplined during her or his journey, that question will be answered beyond any conceivable doubt. Every degree of spiritual movement provides a greater depth of Truth.

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  1. Dear Rob, Again, and again and again, I must acknowledge that you have surely developed far beyond what I am likely to achieve in this particular lifetime. But, fortunately, Spirit tells me that I have eternity. So, if that is so, why is He not more patient with my slow progress.? I’m so glad there are those whose spiritual perception has gone beyond awareness, understanding, and compassion. Those seem to be my limits, so far. Sincerely,


    • Don’t decide up front how you may or may not advance. It’s a function of effort. Advancement is not apparent until particular points of clarity are realized. And, just a side note….As far as patience, you’re trying to apply an attribute where no such attribute exists. The only impatience you are experiencing is your own.

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  2. It is very liberating when we can actually let our sensations flow within and experience love in a heightened level, in a deeper state. I used to recall how I grew up believing in romance, and growing up thinking that was it. The point when I reached the thinking of “that was it” led me to believe ‘it was not it’… but you don’t really seek for it because then there will be struggle of working towards it…

    I don’t know… your words are far better able to explain. Unconditional love is extremely… unconditional. =)


    • Hi Maia…..

      A lot of layers within your comments. Consideration must be applied to both the universal and the particular relationships. While the cause and effect structure applies to both, the particular relationships are the province of intimacy. Human Beings require this environment. Furthermore, when two people enter a relationship “for the other”, with a parallel effort for spiritual growth, a force of energy evolves that is surpassed by only two conditions: The Creating Force and the actualized force called Humanity. Of course, most relationships are dominated by self-centered concerns (both participants), admitted or not. Just listening and observing reveals a great many things in relationships. Whether or not we “listen” is a different matter. 😉

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  3. This is such a great read. I always feel intelligent when I feel I’m able to discern the message behind your posts. Today, I got the message but I’m left with an incredible excitement. There are so many points within this piece that are absolutely spot on, that feel like they are describing PRECISELY what I am experiencing. Great job!


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