Inner Work

The Quiet Place


“Silence is a necessary, integral condition for inner observations of the self. The purpose, implementation, and the necessity of silence is often misconstrued. The environment of silence does not imply that an individual must remove herself or himself from the perceived distractions or quotidian events of daily life. These inner observations are the essence of spiritual effort and should be performed in concert with all aspects of negative or positive situations.

Silence is the capacity of an individual to detect, observe, and analyze, the composition of her or his thoughts in parallel to any other activity transpiring within the moment. When the discipline of inner work is established, all “static” fades away. A thought or activity, propelled into the energy flow of Creation, is the force of influence that stimulates all cause and effect relationships. The composition of the thought or activity comprises the form(s) of energy, i.e. the determinative emotions, that construct and sustain the intensity of the force of influence.

The determinative emotions evolve from interactions in which the individual is a participant or an observer. The interaction will instigate one or more emotional responses from the individual which always precede any thought or action. The determinative emotion becomes the fuel that propels the subsequent thought or action. The thought or action delivers the influencing emotions into the energy flow the connects all facets of Creation. The celerity of this process defies comprehension.

The quiet place is where the spiritually evolved individual perceives the formation of the determinative emotions, prior to the construction of the thought or action. Despite the potential diversions that besiege the spiritually evolved individual, he or she will persevere to counteract all incompatible determinative emotions that imperil the balance of Creation. Without this intervention, all Human—to—Human and Human—to—Nature interactions will be dominated by chaos.”

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor, 2011

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  1. as I wandered backwards on your blog, I noticed the photos seemed to tell a story (well to me anyways)
    they all have a sense of quiet within them ..of simple living in extraordinary times…
    Beautiful…simply beautiful…Thank you for sharing them with us…
    it whispers of you within I think….
    Take Care…You Matter…


  2. ‘Quotidian’–great word. You and Charles Krauthammer and Elizabeth George always come up with beautiful words.

    Silence–hadn’t even considered it. I wonder if Great Apes experience silence. Or dogs.


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