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Temagami Wilderness, Canada

Temagami Wilderness, Canada

I was archiving some older photography and happened across this moment with Canadian canoeing master and wilderness activist, Les Wilcox. I was just six weeks out from the second of two very intense battles with cancer. As quickly as the treatments ended, I was back in the gym trying to rebuild my body for this eight day canoe trek in the Temagami Wilderness. I had lost 47 pounds and most of my muscle structure during the battle. There was an additional challenge in that the nerves from my brain to the right shoulder were surgically removed. So, with no signals from the brain I had lost use of the shoulder. I always nod my head to the doctors (Yeah, really? No shoulder?) when they give this type of prognosis and then I proceed with my own plan. Of course, I did not get all my weight and muscle back before the canoe trek. But, I was ready physically and mentally. I did manage to reprogram the brain a little and had about 60% of my shoulder back. Those eight days in the wilderness were very healing from the effects of the cancer.

That second battle started eight years ago this month. I continued to rebuild through diet, weight training, and yoga.

Never Look Back

Never Look Back

I am 100% vegan and nothing enters this body that would put my health at risk. Don’t let anyone decide for you what you are or are not capable of. We have an immense inner structure that knows no boundaries except those we agree to. The only rules are the rules we write for ourselves.

Peace and Love….

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  1. Wow, Rob! As always I clicked randomly on a link on your blog and landed here. Quite a different read to the other posts I’ve gone through so far. How is your health nowadays? Hope all’s well. Your story is an inspiration. As you might imagine, I totally resonate with your view that: “We have an immense inner structure that knows no boundaries except those we agree to.” However, of course, it’s always easier to “know” it rationally than to live it in essence. I also had some health issues over the last couple of years and it has simply strengthened my belief in the body’s innate ability to heal – with outside assistance when needed (naturopathic or allopathic). I think those people who simply hand over their return to health to their doctors are doing themselves a great injustice and at the same time disempowering themselves humongously. I am also not particularly keen on the mainstream allopathic approach to health – which is equally disempowering to the “patient”, ignorant of the body’s innate consciousness and often driven by financial profit. Again, I hope you’re in wonderful health nowadays. Joyful greetings, Sam 🙂

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    • Hi, Sam…..

      My health is legendary and thank you for asking 😉 Nothing challenges our belief systems more than emotional or physical distress, primarily due to the collaeral fears attached to the condition(s). As Muad’Dib precisely understood, “Fear is the mind killer.” It drives us to destructive thoughts, actions, and decisions. Much better to Love and Understand 😉 Peace, Sam…

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    • I am humbled by your comments, Gigi. Thank you We all have the capacity to become “game changers.” We simply need to put forth the effort to understand those “parameters.” 😉


  2. Beautiful and very powerful piece. I’m not vegan but I’ve definitely gone all organic. When people say it’s too expensive, I tell them being sick is far more expensive and stressful than that minor tick in your wallet will ever be. Have healed many things in my body over the last year I was told could not be healed without medication. Not a miracle, just wholesome self-care.


  3. Thank you for sharing your inspiring story with us. I am humbled and in awe of your courage in the face of battle and your motivation to forge your own path through your body’s wilderness after the doctors thought they had it mapped out for you. Well done, friend. ❤ 🙂

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      • Rob, your final few sentences are powerful. I’ve only dealt with looking to others to heal the emotional part of me–with no success. In the end, I’m finding the answers lay within myself. I want to work on the physical, too, since I know I would not be able to fight cancer or go through what you have and survive it. I’ve been interested for a long time in researching the Vegan diet. With your witness to it’s success, I think I may look into it for real 🙂


        • When really don’t know what we’re capable of unless we are motivated to discover ourselves, or we make a commit to unilaterally explore the inner self.

          As far as the vegan diet….you’ll never look back. 😉

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  4. “Don’t let anyone decide for you what you are or are not capable of. We have an immense inner structure that knows no boundaries except those we agree to. The only rules are the rules we write for ourselves.”

    This is so beautifully worded and I couldn’t agree more. Thank you so much for sharing your success story.

    I wish you continued health and happiness.

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