Being Human



“The Creating Force, notwithstanding how it is perceived or identified, is the primal basis for every detail of existence. The expressed energy of the Creating Force (the action of creating unconditionally) is an attribute inherited by each created entity, as a potential behavior. Even so, this does not imply that all sentient forms of Creation can  exercise a choice to actualize that potential. Animals cannot perceive or conceptualize a transcendent existence, and do not possess the cognitive ability to exercise options relative to spiritual alignments. Spiritual effort presupposes a conscious resolution to existing as a force of influence that supersedes laws of Nature. The Human Being possesses an incomparable noesis, or intricate capacity, to self-determine which structure of cause and effect to pursue: the province of Nature, or the paradigm of the Creating Force.

In the absence of spiritual perspicacity, the Human Beings is dominated by the non-evolved ego and prisoner to the laws of Nature. The province of Nature is governed by cause and effect processes that protect the balance within Creation, i.e. any influence that would disturb the organic energy flow of Creation necessarily encounters a mitigating response from Nature. The Human Being is the only influencing entity with a tendency to disrupt the balance of Creation. As such, all mitigating activity is directed at the Human Species. There is no divine edict to impose Human suffering based on behavior. There is only cause and effect and the depth of understanding the individual acquires regarding that dynamic process.

The structure of the Creating Force operates in a separate dimension of cause and effect movement. There is no mitigating process between the Human Being and the Creating Force. The confusion for the spiritually evolving individual is that the “growth phase” finds her or him interacting in both structures of cause and effect. The individual has not completely transitioned out of the clutches of the non-evolved ego and this facilitates a perspective that the invested effort is not producing the desired result. That rebirth, or reincarnation, of the inner self occurs repeatedly in degrees of movement over the course of moments, days, months, or years. The acceleration precisely correlates to the committed effort of the individual.

The cause and effect protocols of the Creating Force are simple: the alignment with the Creating Force is not available unless the effort, desire, and intention are absent of the self-centered attributes. Each degree of detachment from self-centered motives equals one degree of alignment with the Creation Force. The purpose of spiritual effort is not for the advancement of the individual. Spiritual effort is the path leading to the transformation of the Human Species. During that journey will be the exploration of a new magnitude of energy: the force of unconditional love, which is beyond conveyance through mere words and emotions.”

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor, 2011

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