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My seven year old daughter, Hadassah, has caught basketball fever. The photos are her first score playing on the “real basket”, as Hadassah calls it. This does not mean Hadassah is evolving away from the other fevers of gymnastics, writing, painting, and horses. Organically, it does not occur to children that they can’t do it all.

While coaching Hadassah today, I would occasionally stand back (with camera) and just watch her effort and enthusiasm….that desire to have firsthand sensations of accomplishment. Children aren’t programmed to accept limitations. That mindset develops through the influence of adults. The path of the child is not to replicate the negative adult tendencies, but to transcend those attitudes. As adults, our work is to maintain the holistic environment that allows the children to thrive. Each child is her or his own person. They are only “ours” in a limited context.

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  1. my granddaughter caught football fever, they were not happy to let her play, she is really small, the first girl in her district…
    but she did get and had a blast playing, ….I was glad my daughter let her….( it was nail-biting watching her get tackled 🙂 )
    Your daughter is beautiful young lady…you must be very proud..and you have captured the intensity of her in the photos…
    Thank you for sharing her with us….
    Take Care…You Matter…


  2. great shots of your lovely daughter, Rob… and what a beautiful name… kids are so eager to explore and find out new things… she seems very determined 🙂 enjoy your Sunday together 🙂


  3. Oh, how our notions of “the real basket” change as we move through life, do they not? Then we look up and ask ourselves, why am I insisting on shooting on a 100 foot tall hoop? This is no fun… Who decided this was “the real basket” anyway?



  4. Wonderful post, lovely daughter with one heck of a basketball shot – she has game! Beautifully written, you’re bond will be fuller and more enhanced as she grows and remembers these special times.


    • Thank you, Sandra….

      I first heard the name when I was around 19 years old. I thought, if I ever had a daughter, that would be the name for her. Took a few years for that to happen 😉


  5. Working with children in the earliest years, I have the privilege of seeing and being a part of this positive energy. Their minds are still open and willing. Limitations and negativity come from others and environmental factors. If we sat back and observed life according to children, we would learn a great deal.
    Wonderful post, Rob.


  6. I have been thinking all day today. About children. How they are treated like possessions. “My child” but without the love and connotation of being a parent to the child, but an owner. Our system is so broken when it comes to foster care and dealing with child abuse, child trafficking and other horrible things that happen to children because we look at them as “things” or possessions. I love what you have written and couldn’t agree more.


    • Very compelling observations….I had considerable experience with some of these issues during my law enforcement days. Thank you for offering your perspectives…. 😉


  7. Brilliantly put…. I have the discussion with my son when it comes to his hobbies. He asked me once, what his hobby should be. I replied that it has to be something that keeps him engaged, something that he loves.
    What does “Hadassah” mean, if I may ask? An unusual, and very nice, name.


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