Inner Work

The Forms of Influence


“Spiritual effort is calibrated in degrees of awareness, or depth of applied consciousness, and the capacity to observe (in real time) the forms of influence that drive all Human conduct. Depth of consciousness is the capability of the individual to perceive and explore the inherent functionality of her or his inner structure.

head_influence2x1140arrowsBWsm_Darkroom450 Without understanding the dynamics of the forms of influence, spiritual growth is profoundly impossible. The forms of influence constitute quanta of energy that ceaselessly flow within the structure of the Human Species. That movement of energy originates with each Human Being. All cause and effect interactions are outcomes of the forms of influence that process through the individual.

Human Beings are both the recipients and distributors of the forms of influence. In the absence of spiritual due diligence (effort), and without exception, the individual agrees to all forms of influence. Whether or not she or he is conscious of those agreements is irrelevant. The objective of spiritual effort is to maturate that awareness and position the individual to engage the moment—to—moment observations of himself or herself.

The incoming forms of influence may be initiated by either direct interactions or observations (personal, physical or verbal activity) or indirect interactions or observations (impersonal, reading, television). The outgoing forms of influence are constructed by the determinative emotions contained within thoughts. Both direct and indirect sources will produce emotions and the context of thoughts generated from those emotions, i.e. balancing or chaotic energetics impacting all Human—to—Human and Human—to—Nature interactions.

Ultimately, the composition of emerging energetics is formulated by one of three conditions: the non-evolved ego, the transitioning ego, or the spiritually aligned ego. The non-evolved ego is responsible for the chaos that permeates all levels of relationships. The transitioning ego still contributes to the chaos, but has acquired a developing aptitude to interact as a balancing stimulus. The spiritually aligned ego is the force of unconditional love and is not capable of chaotic influences.

As each moment progresses, the Human Being must answer the two quintessential questions: Which form of influence will dominate her or him? Which form of influence will she or he contribute?”

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor, 2011

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  1. Hi Rob,
    Good article.
    Does the quanta of energy originate within each human, or does each human have the opportunity to influence the energy as it passes through the individual – thereby shaping the collective energy?


    • Hey Ed,

      It’s actually both. The Human Being is simultaneously the part and the whole. It is impossible to remove ourselves from either aspect. We can only construct the forms of influence.

      Good to hear from you….


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