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“Is spirituality compatible with a logical mind? Why is spirituality needed? What conclusive argument has been presented that demonstrates the necessity for the Human Species to conduct relationships differently than the status quo? Who, if anybody, defines how a Human Being “practices” spirituality? Should the Human Species rely on religious dogma? Perhaps physics, or the application of quantum theory? Is spirituality a rigorous science? Does the Human Being simply learn to “connect with Nature” and magically discover all the answers to such questions? Where is the empirical data that supports any of the foregoing options as valid?

Of course, genuine spiritual growth does not require empirical data. Spiritual ascendance is an existential environment and the experiential outcomes are self-validating. The individual begins to function within the dimensions of Truth, as opposed to contending with notions that require “blind faith” to resolve the unresolvable and inevitable contradictions of Human generated systems of belief. Only Human Beings require “blind faith” from other Human Beings. Blind faith is the best offered mitigation to the deficiencies in all belief systems. Such belief systems can be religious, political, cultural, or economic based. Without the blind obedience of Human Beings these systems fail. Spiritual effort is the antithesis of blind faith.
Is the historical Human—to—Human and Human—to—Nature callousness a natural, inevitable condition of existence? Is the Human Being simply another component of the “natural selection” process whereby the strongest survive longest or, at the very least, live better? What of the thousands of years of influences from religions, “spiritual” systems, education, science, and governments? While there may be a plethora of examples illustrating the “advancements” of the Human Species, a few fundamental questions expose the underlying dysfunction of any such claims: Why do Human Beings continue to expand the capacity to kill each other, and then do precisely that? Why do the Human Species engage in, or fail to prevent, the brutalization of its own children? What drives the obsession for the Human Species to degrade and destroy Nature?

Ultimately, the Human Species must explore a disturbing point of clarity: the paradox confronting Human Beings is the struggle to navigate through the perpetual conflict of protecting themselves from each other. In the process, there is no measurable improvement to the Human condition or any other condition. The absurdity of Human existence is the acceptance of these circumstances as an unalterable and unavoidable aspect of life.

Any premise that advocates pre-determined fate is faulty. Life does not “just happen.” The Human Being possesses the capacity to create and re-create her or his life-path with every breath. Accepting that the Human Being has no control over life events is an incorrect perception driven by a deficient understanding of spirituality and the structures of cause and effect relationships. Governments, religions, and fortune tellers would prefer the Human Species to remain subservient to the aforementioned incorrect perceptions. If the Human Species transcends the confining perceptions, these institutions will wither to obscurity.

Self-governance is the fundamental scheme of Human existence. The aggregate capability to self-govern begins with the individual. Each Human Being is compelled to evolve her or his inner structure and become that which the Human Being is intended to become: the energy force of unconditional love. No other form of governance is necessary or sufficiently competent.

What was the question, anyway? Ah….yes….

Why do we need each other?”

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor, 2011

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  1. Nice to meet you, Rob! Glad to see the BIG Questions asked and talked about here. In short?

    We need each other in order to make our individual lives valuable.
    We need people in order to exercise our innate willingness to serve and entertain,
    and thus prop up our sense of self-importance. Self-esteem equals an experienced
    and esteemed soul. I see it as a sense of pride – the kind that lacks the slightest hint of arrogance.

    We need to have faith in each other, especially on the road.
    You stay on your side, and I’ll stay on mine, and we can
    easily pass each other, without either of us changing our beliefs.


  2. “Each Human Being is compelled to evolve her or his inner structure and become that which the Human Being is intended to become: the energy force of unconditional love.”

    I enjoyed this post. One of your best. I’ve also enjoyed reading all of the comments. What a gift!


  3. Thank you for sharing such a nuanced statement of the human condition. Yes indeed, humanity has failed, and failed miserably at reaching any equilibrium or balance. Oh yes, there are times – usually very short ones, where the waning of one aspect is balanced by the rise of another aspect of this human condition. But this is more by happenstance than by design.

    So, what of this seemingly “unresolvable and inevitable contradictions of Human generated systems of belief “? Is the the systems, or is it the belief in them? I’m sure we can agree that is indeed the belief in any said system, for the ancients had different beliefs – but believing in those beliefs generated the exact same result. It matters not how different those beliefs may be from others in the same time period – or even today’s ‘modern’ beliefs – the same result is to be had.

    So, if beliefs are suspect, and merely introducing a newer, more ‘advanced’ system will also fail, where does this leave us? Going beyond belief.

    There are indeed times where humans have zero control over life events. We require oxygen and water, amongst other things to support our life. We cannot control earthquakes, and other types of physical phenomena. We cannot say we had a direct hand (that we remember) in the choosing of our parents – or even our ancestors. And we cannot say with any certainty of where we shall be or what we shall experience upon our death. All we have is our beliefs again.

    Yet, while we may not have complete control over what happens (you don’t have to wonder why there are so many selling spirituality these days – they promise a better, more successful and more connected you – all under the premise that what you are currently experiencing is not enough – and once certain ‘techniques’ are learned, you can control what happens) – the fundamental and in fact pivotal point is to accept what occurs. That is the ONLY thing we have control over – to choose how to respond. To not accept what occurs is to believe something different should have happened. The state of non acceptance is where a humans find themselves lamenting what is, and pining for what they believe to be ‘better’ – insert whatever belief from whatever source to be that ‘better’. This is the cycle – and to break free of the cycle, you must drop the entire thing.

    Dropping our beliefs entails dropping the idea of what we think we are. We are not what we think we are – no more than any words can describe Truth – for it is beyond words. And since we are Truth, we too are beyond words and ideas. We are not a concept. The experience we are having (here, on this planet) is one of change, and Truth is beyond change. It is the changeless. We live in a world of endless change, so can our experience be that of Truth?

    This is an immense challenge that I continue to grapple with. It’s hard to accept that to be aware of what I AM, I must (mentally) lose all that I am not. And by losing it, choosing to give it all up. It’s a stark reality, but there are not shades of Truth. Either it is, or it is not. From a certain perspective – only consciousness is real. You are aware you are something, but since it does not yet feel ‘right’ – then we can say we do not know ourselves or the condition we find ourselves in – fully. We cannot trust all the information around us – we must dig within to find what is True. For anything we believe to be true – simply cannot be true.

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    • Thank you for taking the time to provide this prolific contribution to the discussion.

      As the Human Species is a work in progress, I don’t think we are yet in a failed state. We are being compelled, through cause and effect scenarios, to reconsider our path. People have already begun to question the validity of religion. In America, 1/5 of the people now claim non-affiliation (the highest ever) and 1/3 of those under 30 also claim that status (NPR, January 2013). Similar studies over the last five years support that data. The trend will continue. Yet, all of these people openly discuss that they have some sense of a spiritual connection and their search continues.

      The simplicity of spirituality is that no religion or belief system is required for inner examination. Spirituality is not the attainment of some higher level of existence. Spirituality is the effort required of each Human Being to understand the forms of influence that dominate us. Some are subtle and others more visible. The challenge is that we influence in the same way that we are influenced. That’s how the province of the non-evolved ego is constructed. We don’t have to lose who we are. We have to recognize our current state and begin to understand our potential state. Spirituality is not a passive activity. The process of inner examination is the constant shifting of energy flows by which the individual impacts everything perceived as being outside the self. During this progression the sensitivities of the Human Being begin to transition from the simple five physical senses, to the development of a capacity to detect and operate the movement of energy between Human Beings and Nature. Our interactions with other people, and with Nature, now have a new level of depth and intensity. A raw, dynamic attribute grows within us….a quality that was previously indiscernible. Instead of just observing the conditions that challenge the Human Species and Nature, we feel the actual energy flows attributable to specific influences (hate, despair, anger, grief, compassion, gratitude). We internally process these forms of energy and the unrelenting impact of those sensations unveil that latent quality within us….Unconditional Love. This is the moment we become a balancing energy within Creation, as opposed to a chaotic energy. In this place we find Truth. Before the Human Species can complete this evolution, every individual must do so. We will understand the meaning of Peace.

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  4. Okay, Rob, I read it again, and the post is too deep to be answered with just a comment box! I like Alura’s comment about the coffee and discussion, though from my perspective, it would involve several rounds of tea. Maybe, Indian masala chai. In my life, I went up and down the path of organised religion, agnosticism and atheism. None were satisfying to me. I have firmly turned my back on religion.For me, spirituality is found in a connection with nature, in respect for it; and, in deep, genuine connection and respect for other people and cultures.

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  5. “Spiritual ascendance is an existential environment and the experiential outcomes are self-validating.” You been reading Bucky Fuller lately!? 🙂

    I enjoyed this whole paragraph. It strikes me that the fundamental issue of “blind faith” is the willingness to allow people to think for themselves, to teach them how and encourage them to do so, and on the flipside, to be willing to do so as individuals. (And to give up the need to control… There is that.) BUT, thinking is in my mind only half of the equation. I think we also have to learn to engage our feeling natures as freely and willingly as our thinking natures, that they might work in tandem. One divorced from the other can lead to erroneous conclusions in my opinion.

    Only in the fruitful marriage of these hemispheres within do we realize right seeing, right action, and right blogging. 🙂


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    • “….learn to engage our feeling natures as freely and willingly as our thinking natures….” Well said, Michael.

      Spiritual effort increases our sensitivities….we develop sensations that were previously obscured. And no, I’ve never had the pleasure of reading Fuller….although it has been suggested that I should. Will have to add that to the list 😉 Thank you, Michael…

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  6. I think is more complicated than the scenario you described, but eventually require a simple solution of love. We have to distinguish what are the things we can control ourselves, and what is beyond our limit and knowledge. For this humble is the solution. For example, homosexuality are not a simple caused of natural selection, or diversity, but eventually it is related to stress, chemical environment etc that affected a mother when she is pregnant. There is not strong scientific evidence because physiology and psychology research for these two areas are very complicated. Some people are less clever and less determined than others, in some cases these can be altered, in some cases, it is not possible. For the conclusion, we have to know what we can do, and what we can’t do at the present stage. Our DNA contains all kind of information, and this information can easily be altered by emotional or environmental factor. Meaning that if the weather now were the same as millions of years ago we might be having reverse evolution. That say, spirituality is also bound by our DNA, environment, emotion. Ultimately, love is the most precious thing that we can possess now, if we understand there is always the ‘differences’ between us, and part of them most people cannot control themselves.

    Just my thoughts.

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    • Thank you, KC…very interesting thoughts…and yes, it is a bit more complicated. Since I’m only posting a portion of the discussion from my book, the context can be a little challenging. Which is why it is good to get perspectives of others into the discussion. Good to hear from you again….

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  7. Rob, I sincerely hope we are able to sit down and have a cup of coffee some day. I think you and I could chat for hours. I just met with my best friend today and we started talking about the current state of affairs. I believe, similar to you, that the world is lying to itself about how bad things really are. She and I both agree there are some good things, but differ on what we call reality. From this difference, I think we lose a lot of our ability to make changes.

    To answer your question, we need each other so we can love. I believe it is a basic principle. We need each other so we can both know how to love and also to receive love. Anything else is just a waste of our time. All we need is love, love love.

    I may be turning into a full on hippy. 😉

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    • Coffee and good discussion is addicting 😉 Thank you for taking the time to provide your answer and perspective, Alura. The power of love is the responsibility of us all…..


      • I couldn’t agree more that loving is the responsibility of all. Our species is filled with so many who seek to put others down under the misguided belief they might raise themselves a bit higher. How sad the state of affairs that only a few can see, we can only rise together. Together we stand, divided we fall.

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          • Sadly I have to agree. I am trying to make people aware. I try to spread unconditional love and I shut down acts of hatred, even in their smallest incarnations. I hope we can start to see.


            • Patience has been something I have always struggled with. Now judgement and criticism I feel completely able to let go of, but I feel as though I am struggling a bit, I feel as though I am giving true acceptance but am constantly told I am not accepting. I believe I understand what acceptance is, I just don’t know that I’m the best at making people hear my words.

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            • Acceptance of what or whom? Making people hear our words can be (and usually is) problematic. Words are the breeding ground for conflict because perspectives, context, and intent we think we are conveying is not what is being received in kind. The challenge is to learn to influence through the energy of our presence. The effectiveness of this form of influence is driven by the degrees of movement whereby our self-centeredness is gradually replaced by the energetics of compassion and love. And not simply that an individual declares herself or himself as full of love and compassion. It’s about becoming those influences and that is pretty intense territory.

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            • The acceptance I’m said not give is always given to me in details. However I don’t accept details specifically, I just accept life as a whole. Similar to my feelings on love and compassion. I don’t feel like I’ve made a declaration, I actually feel like I am love and compassion incarnate.

              How does one influence through energy? I’m intrigued by this thought.


            • Energy is what we commonly relate to as connection or unity. In the growing phase of spirituality, we distinguish three perspectives to unity: (1) Human-to-Human (2) Human-to-Nature (3) Human-to-Creating Force. As the spiritual alignment becomes more cultivated, we lose sight of the separation and can only recognize the Unified Whole.

              Energy streams within and through us, bearing influences from every source in Creation. Each Human Being influences similarly, but with a critical distinction. Only the Human Being can choose how to compose her or his influencing energy. Each string of energy, e.g. hate, anger, envy, compassion (the determinative emotions), is unique and quantifies the content of the energy movement within the Human Species. The forces of energy are either chaotic or balancing. Thoughts, words, or other physical actions are the vessels that propel the energetics into the connecting flow. This process is the basis of all cause and effect relationships.

              This is a “short version” discussion of influencing energies.


  8. Dear Rob, I strongly suspect that you are throwing out for discussion ideas that you may not believe yourself. This is not a judgemental statement but perhaps a genuine enticement for some to think more deeply about their own ideas of what it’s all about and why. An elderly Asian fisherman sits atop my cabinet, contemplating what to do with the small fish he has pulled in. It dangles from the hook at the end of the line, unsure of its fate. Will it be dinner or a lure to attract an even bigger fish, foolish or curious enough to bite. I picture myself as the fish and Spirit as the hunter. I may be wrong but I see you waiting for a bite. Of course, the hope is for an intelligent mind to discuss your deep thoughts. Good luck.


    • Hi Jean,

      It would be difficult to confirm or deny what I believe without specific references. Having said that….yes…..this post is about the perspective of the reader. There are detours and barriers that will cause the reader to take pause….self-examine….consider and reconsider. Each visitor will reach her or his own conclusions. Thank you for sharing your thoughts….

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  9. “Self-governance is the fundamental scheme of Human existence. The aggregate capability to self-govern begins with the individual. Each Human Being is compelled to evolve her or his inner structure and become that which the Human Being is intended to become: the energy force of unconditional love. No other form of governance is necessary or sufficiently competent.”

    This is a statement that I can completely agree with. Individuality is important as in that it becomes part of the whole. The whole race of humanity. As each person evolves this ability, the whole will become complete.

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