Cause and Effect

Control over what?


“The Human Being employs an immense amount of effort to establish command over her or his life environment. What is the individual seeking to control, exactly? What is accomplished through the fulfillment of “control?”


Freedom from emotional pain?

Financial stability?

Inner peace?

Oneness with the universe?


The list could continue almost infinitely.

The Human Being continually explores techniques to learn ways of controlling. There is is no shortage of “experts” or “spiritual gurus” declaring the capacity to advise anyone, or everyone, on how to gain control. Usually for a price. Is the proposition even credible that a single individual can unilaterally organize “control” over anything?

What is being in control? Control is what a Human Being endeavors to manage without realizing what it is and how it emerges from a potential state to an actual state. Control is that which is gained from a conscious journey through the deep waters of cause and effect dynamics. The rules of cause and effect govern every interplay that has transpired, is transpiring, and will transpire within the Cosmos.

Control is established through the awareness that it is irrelevant.



Human–to–Human interactions construct the causative basis for the forms of energy that influence Creation. Meaning, the manner by which Human Beings relate to each other is the macro-cosmic model that defines how Human Beings relate to all other aspects of Creation. The Human Species and Nature are eternally connected by the process of symbiosis. The Human Being needs the influence from Nature to understand the role of the Human Species. Nature requires the Human Species to generate the force of unconditional love that will nurture infinite Peace within the Cosmos. The existent reciprocal dependence is the extraordinary expression of a symbiotic relationship.

The synergies between the Human Species and Nature exist in one of two formations: harmony or disharmony, i.e. peaceful or adversarial. If individuals or groups of Human Beings perpetrate opposing actions (violence, abuse, destructive thoughts) against other Human Beings, necessarily such acts will be committed against Nature. As long as Human Beings cannot make evident a life value for its own species, it will be impossible to exhibit a life value for any other entity within Creation.

If the Human Species persists in the conduct of noxious energetic influences, the cause and effect responses from Nature will continue to explicitly demonstrate how little control the Human Being has over anything.

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor, 2011

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  1. You could not have said it better. Awareness of bio diversity is limited, I am afraid. I live in France, where trees are hacked down for no real reason than they lose their leaves in the fall. ”

    I mean they are messy old things, that stop the sun from shining through, don’t they?” Well, that’s what I am told. No matter how hard one tries to tell les gen – trees are living beings, old men, old women, they are there to help us livem for goodness sake! People here, by in large, just don’t get it.. eve


    • It is clearly part of a global symptom of the chaotic relationship between Nature and the Human Species. We will get it figured out, or Nature will continue to remind us why we should. Thanks, Eve….


  2. Coming to your posts is always a thoughtful journey for me – you address the questions I seem to ask all the time! I’ve been called “controlling” in my lifetime but this post reminds me that it was never control I sought…only connection.


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