Cause and Effect

No Escape


“The patterns of energy (positive or negative) evolve through a repetitious process that, as a functional structure, is unalterable. Deterministic emotions construct Human desires and thoughts. The desires and thoughts may or may not transition to physical activities. These influencing elements (emotions, desires, thoughts, actions) are the core of Human—to—Human and Human—to—Nature cause and effect phenomena. The Human Being cannot evade or escape this rudimentary condition of existence. It is unique to the Human Species. Every person, in each moment of her or his reality, is participating in this dance like a crudely trained, undisciplined fencer trying to parry the perpetual flow of life encounters that seem to appear inexplicably without warning.

For the Human Being, the paradigmatic challenge is: Why do things happen? Every religion, spiritual system and philosophy discipline has examined this question over several millennia, and continue to do so. The inability to grasp the dynamics of cause and consequence interrelatedness has led to nothing more than mere conjecture. Consequently, the individual has been reduced to a puppet on string by which she or he is subjugated to the governance of random occurrence, the vagueness of contrived “divine punishment”, or the confines of a predetermined path that cannot be altered; all for which gratitude must continuously be expressed. Gratitude is barren without recognition of the salient point that is contained in all cause and effect synergies. Gratitude is the post-expression acknowledgement that an individual must make a decision regarding her or his conduct. As with gratitude, the decision is insignificant unless accompanied by conscious action.

LeavesWPcr2 Things happen because the Human Being orchestrates the event(s), and not as a matter of “divine intervention” or predetermination. Furthermore, the Human Being can arbitrarily manipulate destructive actions and rationalize those conflicts as “good,” e.g. justify killing or maiming as a religion-supported act, traffic in child slavery or sexual abuse as a valid commerce, or confine the entire Human Species behind absurd geographical borders as an acceptable expression of political power. Conversely, the Human Being has the capability to demonstrate intense compassion. Over the course of Human history, chaos has been running a power play over Peace.

The Human Species is the only existent entity within the bounds of the Cosmos empowered to activate an originative capacity that parallels the Creating Force. Such empowerment requires acute comprehension of and conscious adherence to the laws of cause and effect. Meaning, the individual is obligated to design the composition of her or his energy force. The Human Being must apply an intense moment—to—moment discipline of inner scrutiny for observing self-behavior (emotions, desires, thoughts, and actions). Except on those conditions, the dimension of Peace will never be actualized in the structure of Human—to—Human and Human—to—Nature relationships.”

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor, 2011

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