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Inner Work: meditation, mindfulness, mastery

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“The exercise of meditation is either passive or dynamic. The passive forms associate with relaxation, healing, or contemplation. The dynamic form of meditation is singular in that the practice brings into focus the conscious effort of aggressive self-examinations and nothing else. Whereas passive meditation can be performed intermittently, dynamic meditation is engaged with precisely the same rhythm as the performance of breathing. It never stops. To disengage from the dynamic meditation is essentially a choice to contribute to the chaos that saturates Human—to—Human and Human—to—Nature synergies.

Although it would seem that continuous dynamic meditation is subject to a moment—to—moment barrage of distractions (which is valid), the discipline is to progress the individual towards the capability to function concurrently in these environments.

Cause and Effect

Cause and Effect

There are very specific reasons for this: (1) the individual must be cognizant of how she or he is being influenced in the moment (2) the influences of the moment transpire in real time (3) the energy flow an individual injects into the “fiber optic” that connects all of Creation is determined by the preceding number (1), and also occur in real time (4) an individual cannot alter the energetics he or she contributed to the process after the fact. For instance, if the Human Being influences the energy flow with hate and anger, the cause and effect impact is immediate. The structure does not allow for “do overs.” The reason individuals seem unable to elevate spiritually is due to the exclusion of, or negligence in passionately pursuing, the practice of dynamic meditation in her or his personal regimen. Entry into the dimensions of spiritual sensations is conditional to the mastery of the moment. Dynamic meditation is not a spectator environment.

The analysis of incoming and outgoing influences is the critical element for spiritual maturity and establishes the accurate functionality of mindfulness. For example, if an incident triggers a contrary emotion within a Human Being, a sequence of actual and potential responses is in play: (1-actual) a thought containing the determinative negative emotions (energy) is released into the “fiber optic” (2-potential) the malicious thought instigates a verbal encounter (3-potential) a physical option is executed based on any or all of the foregoing (4-actual) a cause and effect process is initiated. The depth, intensity, viciousness, violence, or brutality of such responses will be commensurate with the egoistic formation of the individual (or group, gang, society, government, religion, ad infinitum).

The real-time awareness, or conscious engagement, of the negative forces provide the impulse for an individual to seek an alternative influence. The alternate influence being explored, that of the Creating Force, transcends all chaotic or destructive forms of influence. The Creating Force cannot be influenced by anything created, except a particular expression from the Human Being. At the same time that a person consciously reveals a desire (which ultimately transforms into a demand) for alignment with the Creating Force, the inherent relationship between the Human Being and the Creating Force is stimulated. A new cause and effect dimension is constructed through a sustained, direct dialog between an individual and the Creating Force. Third party mediation is not a requisite.”

The Irreducible Primary
© Rob Taylor, 2011

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  1. Hiya Rob, I’m much enjoying contemplating your conceptualisations and seeing where they bridge with my perspectives. You offer your readers so much valuable spiritual insight. Thanks for that! Best, always, Sam 🙂

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  2. Dear Rob, There may and there must be many more ways to meditate than any either/or possible. I was a failure at or with several styles and still am, even though I am deeply engaged with an (I wanted to type ‘energy’ but He wouldn’t let me. I know that I choose this inner (more or less) dialogue with Spirit, but, for me, perhaps there was no choice, regardless of my choosing or not.
    Form has no place in Spirit’s style. He seems to adapt it to suit the situation and his intention. You are lucky that you seem to have complete control of your mind. It’s been a while since I ..Perhaps I never was.
    I find your thoughts beyond my intellectual capacity (and possibly potentiality) to relate to, but your photos are awesome. Nature and I are as one.


    • Hi Jean,

      Everyone has to work from their own perspectives and prove or disprove those perspectives along the journey. While I do discuss some of my perspectives, I do not discuss the experiences that shaped them, nor do I discuss my personal inner work.

      Thank you very much for the photography comments 😉


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